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  1. Cafe Hero by Iain Bailey

    Cafe Hero by Iain Bailey

    A modern twist on a classic card trick. Cafe Hero is a two phase effect using coffee loyalty cards. Cafe Hero Trailer from Merchant of Magic on Vimeo. The performer displays a stack on non stamped...

    Only £17.99

  2. Complete Morgan Dollar Coin Magic Set (Includes Expanded Shell + Slippery Sam Gimmick)

    Complete Morgan Dollar Coin Magic Set (Includes Expanded Shell + Slippery Sam Gimmick)

    Please Note: These are a special order item and are hand finished for you when you order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for dispatch.

    Only £59.99

  3. Mystery Box (October 2020 Edition)

    Mystery Box (October 2020 Edition)

    Don't ask us what's in the Mystery Box, we simply won't tell you...

    Please Note: This is a special checkout item. It ships directly from our store and can't be included with other items. When you click 'Add to Cart' you will be redirected to our special order page to complete your purchase.

    Only £25.00

  4. Dual Cyclone - Paul Knight

    Dual Cyclone - Paul Knight

    By Paul Knight ANOTHER MERCHANT OF MAGIC EXCLUSIVE TWO CARDS. ONE POCKET. IMPOSSIBLE CLIMAX "Paul Knight has taken a clever ploy, and made it into an even more clever ploy! If you would like to...

    Only £11.99

  5. Flipper Coin (Pro Quality) - UK £2

    Flipper Coin (Pro Quality) - UK £2

     Regarded as the highest quality professional Flipper Coin on the market today.

    Only £39.99

  6. White Star - By Jim Critchlow

    White Star - By Jim Critchlow

       White Star: 'They groaned, they stirred, they all uprose, Nor spake, nor moved their eyes; It had been strange, even in a dream, To have seen those dead men rise.'- Coleridge, ‘The...

    Only £29.99

  7. Hopping Half UK - Sun and Moon Set

    Hopping Half UK - Sun and Moon Set

    You show a 2p and and a 10p coin to your spectators. One coin is removed and placed into your pocket, yet magically when your hand is opened the coin has re-appeared! The effect is repeated with the s...

    Only £39.99

  8. Crystal Vision (Jumbo Card Size)

    Crystal Vision (Jumbo Card Size)

      You are supplied with the special gimmick that can be used in MANY ways. Even though the prediction is in a sealed envelope, you can influence the prediction at a moments notice, without o...

    Only £41.99

  9. Ninja Coin Set

    Ninja Coin Set

    The origins of these coins have been clouded in mystery... some say they were used by Ninja Warriors to bribe their opponents. Another tale states that they were created in ancient China, by secret societies wishing to harness the deceptive powers of their masters. For the record allow us to state that both are true... and yet, neither is true. Such is the way of The Ninja Coins.

    Only £39.99