THE M-Neo SYSTEM - Pro PK Psycho Kinetics Kit

THE M-Neo SYSTEM - Pro PK Psycho Kinetics Kit

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Make matches stand in a spectator's hand, stop watches, move objects with your mind and much more! 

The M-Neo Pro PK SYSTEM contains the thinnest and most powerful device available - the M-Neo PK


As used by professional magicians worldwide!

Thin enough to conceal on your wrist or under a coat, yet strong enough to penetrate the thickest hands and tables. 

This practical kit contains a powerful M-Neo PK Device 25mm x 10mm, a Wrist/Ankle Holder, a Knee Holder to securely hold the M-Neo PK (one size fits all). PLUS a Magnetic Bicycle Joker card and a range of small super powerful Neodymium magnets to get you started performing amazing PK stunts. The holders are made with a pocket to contain the larger powerful magnet securely when in use. 

The holders are an original design created for ease and practical use in performing the many PK type effects made possible using them. They are comfortable to wear and the M-Neo PK device is the ideal size so it is unobtrusive when hidden. The holders are very well made and hand sewn, using only the best materials so they will last a long time.

The kit also comes with detailed instructions on how to use them plus describes a LOAD of excellent tricks possible with the M-Neo PK

Remember with this set up your hands can be seen empty at all times yet you can perform incredible miracles like causing a coin to move and flip over in a spectators hand just like David Blaine or the now popular 'Stopping a watch stunt' without using a PK ring or the need to hide or palm a magnet - PLUS many more! Use this kit to cause your PK RING to flip over all by itself in a spectator's hand!

Your audience will be convinced you are the real thing!

One big plus about using these particular holders is that at anytime before or after the effect you can straight away pull up your sleeves showing nothing concealed there. This is very deceptive! Also by using this kit you will always be ready to perform and be able to repeat the effect again and again. Which makes this kit perfect for mix and mingle magic and real world situations! The holders supplied with magnet are easy to use and to easy perform with. Allowing you to concentrate on the presentation!

This kit you will definitely use and astound people!! Thousands of magicians use the M-Neo System, which says a lot!!



In your hands, on a table or even on the hand of a spectator... You could pause through a meal and have your fork just stand upright by itself whilst you take a sip of your drink... People at the table go nuts!!


It's actually pretty cheap for what you get. A lot less than it used to be. The M-Neo full kit - used to sell for over £170 in magic shops. It dropped in price as the  material used to create it became more easily available. The price of £170 is still well worth it for the maic you can do with this - AMAZING.


It's a whole system of tricks. The M-Neo Pro kit is one device and a massive range of tricks. You can stop someones watch right through to making a deck of cards cut itself. When you consider that you spend £10-£200 on one trick in a magic store, it's actually amazing value. 


Similar - but not really. The two are not the same... although the M-Neo PK will do most things the Raven can (just by a slightly different method.)


Keep two feet away from TV's and phones and you should be perfectly safe. (Note, that the device is powerful and we cannot be responsible for any damage done to the buyer, spectators, or any property associated with either. We haven't had any problems, haven't heard of ANY problems and don't anticipate any, but we need to put this clause in effect from a legal standpoint.)

Manufacturer Merchant of Magic
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