Parallax -  By Jimmy Strange
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Parallax - By Jimmy Strange

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Parallax by Jimmy Strange is brand new magic for the brand new five or £10 pound notes.

Parallax is a set of 4 specially made hologram stickers to add to your own new design £5 or £10 notes. The hologram shows a card suit and value instead of FIVE/TEN & POUNDS.

Once you add the sticker onto your bank note, you can use if to reveal a card value for your favourite routines. Whenever you want to 'make a bet' with a spectator, you can use your bank note, then point out the card value as a revelation!


Here's Ryan Tricks performing his own personal routine with the parallax notes.  

Ryan uses hos own secret method to force a card value, which this is NOT taught in the instructions for Parallax. However, you can use any forcing technique to have a spectator choose a card that matches your Parallax note.

A Svengali deck, Svengali forcing pad, or 'magicians choice technique' are all great ways to force a card value if you don't already have a favourite method. They are also available at MoM.


Parallax £5 Note Hologram


Comes with 4 custom holograms to add to any new UK £5 or £!0 note. 

You receive access to full video download tuition showing you how to apply Parallax to your bank notes.


New £10 note

For the £10 note you will need to trim the gimmick slightly. A complete tutorial is included. 



Manufacturer Merchant of Magic
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An excellent and simple trick with amazing results Review by Sharon
Satisfaction 100%
I bought this for my son who is a magician. He is a great close up magician and this gimmick was ideal for him. He has an amazing slight of hand and got this to work very quickly. It makes use of the new £5 note and you can combine a card trick with a fiver taken from person.... It's affect is excellent. It's is packaged well and the instructions are made very easy. It's simple to use and set up. It's affect looks out of this world and gets the kind of reactions magicians love.... Well worth having in your collection....

(Posted on 25/12/2016)

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