Fire Kit by Trucosy Magia

Fire Kit by Trucosy Magia

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Fire Kit is the future version of the famous effect "Fire from Hands". Fire kit not only produces a great flash of fire from your hands but also turns instantly into the object you want! Imagine grabbing fire with your hand and then turning it into a billiard ball for your stage act or a real cookie to eat at the moment or coins for your close up act or even revealing a card! All this and more is possible with Fire Kit.

It is very easy to perform!

You just grab fire with your hand and then produce the objects that you want!

Instant reset!

Perfect for close-up or stage magic!

The gimmicks last forever!

Produce balls, coins, cards, bills, cookies, dices, sponge balls, and everything that you can imagine!

The online instructions include:

How to grab fire and how to produce your everyday objects

Complete routines with their explanations


Bonus: Fire balls

Tips for rehearsal

Have fun with Fire Kit!
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Issues Review by jp
Satisfaction 80%
There are a couple of issues with this. The first thing I noticed is that of the three gimmicks only the largest is magnetic, it would have been useful - but not essential - for the others to be the same. Secondly the gimmicks do favour coin routines but only the smallest is compatible with UK coinage (2p or 10p shell not sure which as I have neither). Personally I find it works best with a bank note or force card production as fire and paper make strange bedfellows. I can think of a few uses but unfortunately not with coins which the gimmicks favour.

(Posted on 12/10/2016)

Excellent Review by Paul Newman Card Magician
Satisfaction 100%
Great, and i will be able to do loads of effects with this, love it.

(Posted on 08/10/2016)

I'm definitely going to give it a go! Review by British Magic
Satisfaction 100%
The video does cover everything and has a couple of nice handlings included. I think I will mainly use the coin routines, it will definitely help enhance/add a flair to my coin magic.

As for the gimmick; it seems well made and will definitely last (it's super simple); could I have made this myself... probably. but I do like that it comes with multiple gimmicks so you have a variety of ways to use it.

Practicality; will I use this? I'm definitely going to give it a go! This is something that can be used for walk around or stage (depending on the gimmick you use the flame size is different). If you can bring in an extra coin when needed for a coin routine you should have no problem bringing this in and out of play.

(Posted on 30/09/2016)

What is the reset time with this? Also can you hand the items out once revealed?
Is it really safe?

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