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  1. Finger Flasher (Black) by Jeremy Bracco

    Finger Flasher (Black) by Jeremy Bracco

    BRACCO presents a gimmick that will become indispensable in your performances on stage or close-up.You can whenever you like produce a fireball in a dazzling flash!This accessory is invisible to the p...

    Only £29.50

  2. Flash Paper Euro Notes

    Flash Paper Euro Notes

    Borrow a a 20E from a spectator. Switch it for the flash note and you have an instant and very visual vanish of the note. Perfect for use in a standard bill switch routine or bill in lemon effect. ...

    Only £5.99

  3. Ball of Fire by Alan Wong

    Ball of Fire by Alan Wong

    Produce a flash of fire between your hands at any time!This unit contains a retractable flash unit on a durable steel cable reel with stainless steel casing clipped onto your belt under your jacket. N...

    Only £21.50

  4. Flash Wand by Alan Wong

    Flash Wand by Alan Wong

    Produce a spark when you wave your magic wand! This is all self-contained in a plastic magic wand installed with a super bright white LED light, with press switch operation and powered by a built in r...

    Only £29.50

  5. Fireproof Wire

    Fireproof Wire

    "Fireproof Wire" from Cigmamagic is a specially manufactured metal wire which can bear extreme heat up to 2000k.So, it could go with all types of fire effects. The product only includes a 10 meter Fir...

    Only £24.50

  6. Flash Sparkle Pad

    Flash Sparkle Pad

    These Flash Sparkle Pads are perfect for adding a bit of pizzazz to your performance!20 x 2"x3" Sheets of specially treated paper that burst into flames (with sparkles) and disappear without...

    Only £5.99

  7. Pyro Kinesis 2.0

    Pyro Kinesis 2.0

    Just imagine . . . you pick up any unprepared matchbook and unfold it. Now, with just the matchbook at your fingertips, you ask for silence as you stare intently. After a moment, without warning, the ...

    Only £58.50

    Out of stock

  8. Fire Newspaper by Tora Magic

    Fire Newspaper by Tora Magic

    This is an astonishing item!This product can be used in both grim or funny an ordinary newspaper, while reading a certain page, suddenly, the newspaper is on fire with huge flames on end...

    Only £40.50

  9. Flash String (Green)

    Flash String (Green)

    Perfect for vanishing, producing or transforming objects with a flash!Includes flash string only. No instructions. Ignite this flash string using your preferred method/device.

    Only £11.50

  10. Burning Connection 2.0 by Andy Amyx

    Burning Connection 2.0 by Andy Amyx

    Have you ever wanted to produce a flaming business card from your wallet? The Burning Connection 2.0 wallet will ignite your business card. When you extinguished the card it then can be handed to a sp...

    Only £51.50

  11. Lit Match Producer (four count)

    Lit Match Producer (four count)

    A Lit Match gimmick helps the performer to produce a lit match stick any time during his show. He can produce it from his pocket, under his lapel, sleeve or wherever he fancies. He can use the fire to...

    Only £4.50

  12. Flash Playing Card Ace of Spades (Ten Pack)

    Flash Playing Card Ace of Spades (Ten Pack)

    The Ace of Spades image is printed on one side, this makes it look like a common poker playing card, and you can't identify that it's flash paper from a distance. Excellent for close-up magic. Pack of...

    Only £10.00

  13. Ultimate Fire Gimmick Pro (Gimmick and DVD) by Jeremy Pei - DVD

    Ultimate Fire Gimmick Pro (Gimmick and DVD) by Jeremy Pei - DVD

    UFG Pro is, without a doubt, the ultimate fire gimmick! With Jeremy Pei's new and improved UFG Pro, you can instantly produce a blast of flames from your palms after showing your hands completely ...

    Only £29.50

  14. Inviso Torch

    Inviso Torch

    The Original Flames From Fingertips Is Once Again Available! At anytime during your close-up or stand-up performance, the magician suddenly produces a large flame at his fingertips, then immediatel...

    Only £38.99

  15. Extreme Change Bag by Jim Pace

    Extreme Change Bag by Jim Pace

    EffectEast meets a showdown for the ages..the change bag is engulfed in flames! ECB (or "extreme change bag") is a revolution in transformation effects, as you place anything into an empty b...

    Only £82.50

  16. Inviso Flash by Jim Pace

    Inviso Flash by Jim Pace

    EffectInviso-Flash allows you to produce a flash of fire and immediately show your hands to be completely empty! Uses You can use Inviso-Flash to enhance your magic or simply as a gag. Imagine as you...

    Only £29.50

  17. It's A Match -Version 2.0 (W/DVD)

    It's A Match -Version 2.0 (W/DVD)

    Now includes DVD, more matches, and bonus ideas! Transform the Spectator into the Star! EffectYou display a glass bowl filled with over two dozen matchbooks from hotels around the country. You also sh...

    Only £29.50

  18. Smokey Magic by Trevor Duffy

    Smokey Magic by Trevor Duffy

    EffectProduce smoke from your hands or a spectator's sleeve! Use smoke for any magical transformation!It is a beautiful smoke effect, which does not damage clothing, is clean to use and in all our...

    Only £92.99

  19. Flash Gun Electronic

    Flash Gun Electronic

    Flash Gun (Electronic) The performer enters the stage, hands seemingly empty, then WHAM-suddenly a flash of brilliant fire streaks out of his hand, traveling up to 15 feet!This fantastic little gun is...

    Only £38.99

  20. Flash Gun (electronic) DOUBLE

    Flash Gun (electronic) DOUBLE

    Similar to FLASHGUNE, but double barrel design allows you to fire twice before reloading is required. Still small enough to conceal in the hand. Requires Flash Paper, Flash Cotton, and one AA alkaline...

    Only £62.99

  21. Flash Wand SINGLE Shooting (Electronic)

    Flash Wand SINGLE Shooting (Electronic)

    A battery-operated flash wand that is silent working. There are no caps to give away this gimmick. At any time during your act you can pick up your wand and shoot fire across the stage that will burst...

    Only £62.99

  22. Flaming Book (bible)

    Flaming Book (bible)

    During the course of any magic or comedy routine the performer opens up his Bible and real flames shoot out from inside! Of course, you could also open the book without having the flames-it's unde...

    Only £62.99

  23. Ultimate Fire Magic - By Jeremy Pei - DVD

    Ultimate Fire Magic - By Jeremy Pei - DVD

     Disclaimer: This DVD is not suitable for minors. The fire effects taught in this DVD are performed by a trained professional in a protected environment. Every effort has been made to accura...

    Only £43.99

  24. Fire Flower/Rose Coil trick (Lair)

    Fire Flower/Rose Coil trick (Lair)

    EffectFire Changes Into A Red Rose, Which Then Rewinds Into A 36" Reuseable Red Ribbon! A flame in your hand magically changes into a beautiful red rose. With a wave of your hand, the rose transf...

    Only £19.50

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