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  1. Fan Fire trick Lair

    Fan Fire trick Lair

     Flashy and Exciting Production!   EFFECT: A flame appears at your fingertips. To everyone's surprise, a beautiful 24 inch Chinese fan magically appears in its place! This incredible effect...

    Only £24.50

  2. Flaming Book (Blank)

    Flaming Book (Blank)

    During the course of any magic or comedy routine the performer opens up a hardbound book and real flames shoot out from inside! Of course, you could also open the book without having the flames-it's u...

    Only £62.99

  3. Flash Playing Cards - King of Diamonds

    Flash Playing Cards - King of Diamonds

     These flash cards are the best quality on the market. You can perform some visually stunning magic with these which get great reactons.What you get:You receive 12 top quality flash cardsMust be ...

    Only £8.80

  4. Mestopholies Fireball Launcher - By Jim Pace

    Mestopholies Fireball Launcher - By Jim Pace

            From the Master of Fire, Jim Pace brings to you another exciting fire effect called Mestopholies Fire Ball Launcher. You point at something and your finger shoots a fir...

    Only £56.50

  5. Spontaneous Combustion - By Jay Sankey - DVD

    Spontaneous Combustion - By Jay Sankey - DVD

     It's been thousands of years since humans first learned to make fire and yet there's still something about fire that's dramatic, exciting and even a little frightening.And when you c...

    Only £24.50

  6. Flash Cotton - Pro Quality White

    Flash Cotton - Pro Quality White

      Flash cotton is perfect for several different fire effects, vanishes or productions. Each pack contains 10g of Flash Cotton  Flash cotton can also be used in conjunction with other fire...

    Only £6.50

  7. FUSE - Spirit Fire Writing Solution

    FUSE - Spirit Fire Writing Solution

    EFFECT:Magician asks the spectator to choose a card from a deck and to memorize the card. Magician takes a piece of tissue paper and asks that the spectator hold the paper between their hands. The spe...

    Only £29.50

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  8. Flash Paper £5 Notes

    Flash Paper £5 Notes

    Borrow a £5 from a spectator. Switch it for the flash £5 note and you have an instant and very visual vanish of the note in a ball of flames! Perfect for use in a standard bill switch rout...

    Only £5.99

  9. Thumb Thing Theatre Effects

    Thumb Thing Theatre Effects

    Ever wish you could produce a mystical flash of fire by simply snapping your fingers? This incredible little device allows you to produce such a flash instantly, brightening any routine. The entire a...

    Only £16.50

  10. Flash String

    Flash String

    Add a bit of flair to any close-up production with this Flash String. Package contains one 30-foot length.NOTE: This product is intended for professionals to use at their own risk. The manufacturer an...

    Only £10.00

  11. Flint Flasher

    Flint Flasher

      This heavy-duty mechanical device that creates a nice flash of fire. Can also be used to create electrically crackling sparks. So useful you'll carry one everywhere you go! Great for m...

    Only £19.50

  12. Flash Paper - Pro Quality White

    Flash Paper - Pro Quality White

    This professional grade flash paper is ultra high quality and is suitable for use as writing paper. Used by professional magicians around the world, this medium thickness, high grade white flash pape...

    Only £8.50

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