Super Hero Book Test (Hulk)
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Super Hero Book Test (Hulk)

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For decades, superheroes have fascinated all generations. They transport us to a universe beyond reality. "Super Book Test" allows you to propose routines of mentalism around this theme. It's a book suitable for both children and adults magic, and of course, it looks like an ordinary book!

The spectator opens the book and thinks of a word, you are able to predict the superhero on which he opened the page and the word he thought of. Simple as that!
  • A popular theme!
  • Built like a SvenPad
  • A simple, dynamic and modern book-test routine!
  • For children and adults!
  • Only 4 pieces of information to memorize!
  • Hulk and Batman version available!
  • Book in A5 format (great for stage and close-up magic)!
"An ingenious tool that can be performed right off the box... That's the kind of effects I love. Congrats Nicolas!"
- Jeremy Marouani

"Super Book Test is exactly that. It is very refreshing and original. Now put on a cape a go save the day!"
- Michel Huot
Manufacturer Nicolas Subra
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