Pub Tricks and Bar Bets

In this section we feature magic tricks and bar bets that are perfect for entertaining in a pub or bar setting. The range varies from items suitable for complete beginners, or magic tricks for working bar magicians.
Each item is picked for having minimal set up, a quick entertaining plot and often a theme around the bar bet. If you need any help choosing a trick to learn or would like advice and recommendations, please contact the Customer Care Team who will be happy to help you. 
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  1. The Gift - By Angelo Carbone (Black)

    The Gift - By Angelo Carbone (Black)


    Ridiculously high demand - allow 2-3 weeks for it to arrive, to be safe. Limit 2 per person.

    Only £71.99

  2. Xchange (Online Instructions and Gimmicks) by Eric Jones

    Xchange (Online Instructions and Gimmicks) by Eric Jones

    From the creative mind of Eric Jones and from Tango Magic, we introduce Xchange. With this semi-automatic coin trick, a copper and silver coin exchange places in the most magical ways. The final seque...

    Only £40.83 Exc VAT

  3. Whiplash by Josh Janousky

    Whiplash by Josh Janousky

    Whiplash is a hyper-visual utility gimmick that will let you vanish, transpose, and transform cards.   Learn Josh Janousky's signature routine with the Whiplash gimmick: Whipped Across, his t...

    Only £16.66 Exc VAT

  4. Lolli Hero by Steve Rowe

    Lolli Hero by Steve Rowe

    Imagine being able to show a lollipop to a spectator before placing it in your mouth.You ask the spectator to name their super hero.Now, after chewing the lollipop, you reveal the super hero's head, s...

    Only £26.96 Exc VAT

  5. COFFEE CUP by Mariano Goni

    COFFEE CUP by Mariano Goni

    It has been said that if you want to develop new things, you have to look in the old books. There's nothing like reviving a powerful classic, giving it a breath of fresh air. Another treasure from Mar...

    Only £28.75 Exc VAT

  6. The Jar UK Version (DVD and Gimmicks)

    The Jar UK Version (DVD and Gimmicks)

    The Jar is an incredibly valuable tool in a mentalist's arsenal. Finally a switching device that doesn't look like a magic prop.     "Due to its deceptively natural look that hides...

    Only £40.83 Exc VAT

  7. Rubicon by Greg Wilson

    Rubicon by Greg Wilson

    PRE-ORDER ITEM: The next batch is due Mid-Late January. Order now and we will dispatch on the order received. Your Rubicon will dispatch automatically

    Only £288.33 Exc VAT

  8. Paul Harris Presents Starlight

    Paul Harris Presents Starlight

    StarLight By Chris Perrotta A beam of pure light comes to life on your card..then weirdly stretches and transforms to predict a chosen card's name, a lucky number or even someone's initials!" Your ...

    Only £32.92 Exc VAT

  9. Absolute Zero by SansMind

    Absolute Zero by SansMind

    Absolute Zero gives you the power to freeze objects in your spectator's hand with just a simple blow.    Many years ago Adam Grace introduced his very own choreography that made i...

    Only £69.16 Exc VAT

  10. Parallax -  By Jimmy Strange

    Parallax - By Jimmy Strange

    Parallax by Jimmy Strange is brand new magic for the brand new five pound note. Parallax is a set of 4 specially made hologram stickers to add to your own new design £5 notes. The hologram show...

    Only £16.67 Exc VAT

  11. Half And Half - Volume 2 DVD - by Doug Brewer

    Half And Half - Volume 2 DVD - by Doug Brewer

    Practical Magic for the Working Performer! Stand-up and Be Counted Routine Coin Catch: How do magicians play catch? Based on Fred Kaps Coins & Silk routine. Simplified and amazing. Shell Fly: Not...

    Only £21.25 Exc VAT

  12. Practical Bar Magic by Dean Serneels - DVD

    Practical Bar Magic by Dean Serneels - DVD

    This DVD includes tried and tested magic tricks from years of working as a professional restaurant magician. Over one hour of reputation making Bar Magic. Learn how to do tricks w...

    Only £21.25 Exc VAT

  13. Slasher


    By R. Shane This Packet trick KILLS!!! Imagine weaving a tale of close-up horror and suspense, as well as getting to spoof those Hollywood horror movies at the same time. Slasher has been the mo...

    Only £14.99

  14. Holey Shirt - DVD

    Holey Shirt - DVD

    By Joe Russell The burnt and restored shirt is a classic show stopper that was wildly popular years ago. This simple effect has suddenly caught fire again, and now everyone wants to do it! Holey Shi...

    Only £11.25 Exc VAT

  15. Last Straw by Joe Rindfleisch

    Last Straw by Joe Rindfleisch

    For this Illusion you would need to borrow a straw from a spectator and rip off some of the wrapper from the center. Show your audience inside the straw. Then wave your hand over the ripped part and y...

    Only £11.99

  16. Real Work on Restaurants and Bars - Jay Sankey

    Real Work on Restaurants and Bars - Jay Sankey

    Over the past 20 years Jay has held contracts as the “house magician” at over a dozen different restaurants and bars. Now on this very special DVD Jay shares with you the real work on both the art...

    Only £20.42 Exc VAT

  17. HypnoCup


    Illusion: wrong interpretation of sensorial information. Humans have 5 senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and ...taste. Do you know a lot of tricks playing on the taste buds of th...

    Only £9.99

  18. Dual Cyclone - Paul Knight

    Dual Cyclone - Paul Knight

    By Paul Knight ANOTHER MERCHANT OF MAGIC EXCLUSIVE TWO CARDS. ONE POCKET. IMPOSSIBLE CLIMAX "Paul Knight has taken a clever ploy, and made it into an even more clever ploy! If you would like to...

    Only £11.99

  19. Frequent Flyer

    Frequent Flyer

    By Evan Beaugard A playing card is selected from the deck. The card is shown front and back before being placed in the magician's outstretched palm. Upon the magician's command, the ...

    Only £7.08 Exc VAT

  20. Psychokinetic Pencil And Ring

    Psychokinetic Pencil And Ring

    An ordinary pencil is presented and a brass ring is placed on the pencil. Mysteriously the ring levitates up the length of the pencil. The pencil is then impossibly balanced horizontally on the Magic...

    Only £30.83 Exc VAT

  21. TransCup - David Ethan

    TransCup - David Ethan

    This booklet will teach you how to do this very visual illusion! Effect : You drink your favorite soda in a cup, and at will, the straw goes through the cup. From the book's introduction: The idea...

    Only £9.99



    By Wayne Dobson Performer has a spectator FREELY select a card from an ordinary deck of cards. Without looking at it, the performer tables the card face down and brings out a small leather business c...

    Only £10.42 Exc VAT

  23. Mintalist (DVD and Gimmick) by Peter Eggink - DVD

    Mintalist (DVD and Gimmick) by Peter Eggink - DVD

    A precision engineered mint box becomes your secret weapon! Here are some KILLER routines that can be done with "Mintalist": * Mintal Connection: At any time you take out your mint box and a...

    Only £36.66 Exc VAT

  24. Dice Cloning by Fantasma

    Dice Cloning by Fantasma

    EffectAn Instant Explosive Wonder A large (6/8-inch) black die is displayed to the audience inside a clear plastic container. The performer shakes the container up and down one time and the die instan...

    Only £6.66 Exc VAT

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