Lolli Hero Superman and Batman by Steve Rowe
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Lolli Hero Superman and Batman by Steve Rowe

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)

Imagine being able to show a lollipop to a spectator before placing it in your mouth.
You ask the spectator to name their super hero.
Now, after chewing the lollipop, you reveal the super hero's head, sculpted by your own teeth from the lollipop!

Is this a skill?
Is it magic?
- It's both and more!

  • Super easy to perform
  • Instant reset
  • Repeatable
  • Show the lollipop up close first
  • Unique
  • Modern
  • Ideal closing effect
  • For close-up or parlour
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Reputation maker


"Steve Rowe is one of my favorite magicians and inventors. When I saw Lolli Hero, I begged him for a copy and sent him money straightaway. One of the strongest, quirky magic effects on the market - I adore this. Buy it, buy it, buy it, you won't regret it."
- Kieron Lefever

"It's strengthened my repertoire. Lolli Hero is just the beginning."
- Spencer Wood

"This is one of those SUPER effects that you will carry with you everywhere. The reveal is perfect eye candy!!!"
- Marc Lavelle

"Lolli Hero is simply gobs making! It's THE moment everyone will remember you for."
- Ben Williams

"Lolli Hero rocks! It's so unexpected they never see it coming!"
- John Morton

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Simple, flexible and effective Review by noel
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 100%
A very effective gimmick that gives a lot of bang for the bucks. A flexible routine allowing the performer to adapt to their own style or preference.

(Posted on 09/06/2017)

Killer Review by Steven H. from United Kingdom
Satisfaction 100%
This is a killer, I love this and it is easy to do. I love performing it, whilst trying to mind read a different trick, in a moment of randomness I ask the question and usually someone always says one of the characters, I have had no problem switching them out. It is an amazing trick thank you

(Posted on 09/05/2017)

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