Magnetic Scotch and Soda English Penny Tango

Magnetic Scotch and Soda English Penny Tango

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)

The performer shows a silver half dollar in his left hand, and a copper English penny in his right hand. He then closes both of his hands. When he opens them, there is only a silver half dollar remaining! The English penny has completely vanished!!

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Great effect, but not great quality Review by Chris
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 20%
Satisfaction 40%
Firstly, great service and delivery from Merchant of Magic.
The effect itself is very strong, self working and easy to do.
I was after a coin unique (aka magnetic scotch and soda) that used a half dollar and English penny. The only one I could find was a Tango product. I've purchased Tango products before and despite them appearing to be the market leader, I've never been impressed with the quality. Unfortunately the same applied to this product. Compared to other coin uniques I own this was a let down. The insert and shell have very 'severe' 90deg sides. And so whilst this means the insert looks more like a real coin when laid down, it also means it doesn't nest smoothly. Coupled with a rather weak magnet in the shell, it leads to situations where it doesn't always nest and lock. If you can't rely on it 100% there is a real issue. If the shell/insert had a slight chamfer it would nest much easier, and with a stronger magnet too it would have been fine. Otherwise quality is fine. Generally I would try other coin uniques before buying a Tango one again

(Posted on 20/06/2017)

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