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Phantom Wallet

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Would you like performing mental effects using an item that's always with you? Imagine never having to say, "I forgot to carry magic with me today!" Well, read on!

The Phantom Wallet is a stylish wallet that's been custom-designed for mentalists; it can be used both professionally and as an everyday wallet. Each of the wallet's features has been fine-tuned to the highest level, ensuring that it's as practical as possible for mentalism effects and routines. It's made of hard-wearing, top-quality leather, so it's sure to last a long time, even when subjected to continued use.

The wallet comes with a link that contains ten high-impact mentalism routines, as well as specially created props for the routines that require them.

Features of the Phantom Wallet

  • Internal peeks
  • External peek
  • Multiple outs
  • Loading and stealing mechanism
  • Switch feature
  • Secret-writing feature

DVD contents

  • Inspector v1
  • Inspector v2
  • Pay Day
  • Hypno-Influence
  • Psycho-Influence
  • Chair Test in My Pocket
  • Psy Infini
  • 50 Cents of Grey
  • Ideas to Explore Further
  • Credits


  • Book Influence
  • Connexion

Wallet dimensions

  • Closed: 128 mm x 100 mm (approximately 5" x 4")
  • Open: 250 mm x 128 mm (approximately 10" x 5")

The Phantom Wallet will ensure that you're always ready to amaze others.

Manufacturer Marchand De Trucs
Featured Product No
Quality Is The Way To Describe This Wallet Review by R F. from United Kingdom
Satisfaction 100%
Highly recommended. This wallet is a high quality product, that although gimmicked to obtain your information, looks like an ordinary everyday wallet, and can be used as such. Always be ready when asked to show an effect ! Comes with 8 very strong routines. Expensive yes, but quality always is. Don't pass this one by !

(Posted on 04/05/2017)

Complete review Review by Alexis Reviews
Satisfaction 100%
Alright alright alright, let's talk about a new wallet. What ? I can hear you saying : “Another wallet, just what the magic world needs !”. It's true. But to be honest, I do think that the more wallet there are on the market, the more option people have to choose, so it can fit more easily in what you want. Enough said, this is a mentalism wallet, with 2 internal peeks, 1 external one, an index, a card to wallet. Is it any good ? Let's take a look at it !

What you get : You get a cardboard box, really well printed, I do like the attention Marchand de truc is putting into his product. Inside the very nice package, you can find several things. The main one is the wallet, very very nicely made, the leather is good, not as good as the JOL one, but very good. The wallet in itself is very well made. You do get a DVD with 7 to 8 routines, each of them is very well tought out, you can see it has been worked and refined over the years ! You also get some business cards which are needed for one of the effect and some piece of papers for another effect. For the price, I do not feel robbed, this is a high quality product which should leave you speech

The pros and the cons : Here is the core of my review, let's begin with the cons, as I will usually be doing, I prefer to keep the good things for the end.

It's quite expensive but when you consider the work that has been done, I do think the price is quite fair.
It's a more mentalism axed wallet, don't buy it if you're only in card magic (even if it has a card to wallet).
If you fill it completely, it will be quite thick.
There are Post It inside the wallet, which is not common at all.

Ok, let me begin by saying that this is now my everyday wallet, I carry it with me everytime I go out. It can be used as an everyday wallet, it has many pockets, you can easily fit all your stuff inside (even if it doesn't have a bill section).
The wallet is very well made, the leather is good and I can see it lasting a long time. Its dimensions are closed : 128 mm x 100 mm and open : 250 mm x 128 mm.
Even if the Post It inside are kind of akward, they allow you to do a peek with is one of the best internal peek I've seen. It's the same peek which is used in the brain scan wallet (published in 2005).
It has a SUC built in so you can do a palm and a no palm card to wallet as well as a external peek.
The DVD is packed with amazing ideas you want to use directly ! I've been doing them dozens of times, which has not happened with the other wallet I've bought.

Overall rating : I've been road testing it for months, It's now my go to wallet, I can't recommand this enough if you're into mentalism, 4/4 hearts.

As for the difficulty level, it's hard to review a difficulty of a wallet, but most of the routines are easy to do (but you need a good presentation), 2/5 stars.

(Posted on 20/04/2017)

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