Rift by Cody Nottingham
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Rift by Cody Nottingham

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)

Rift is a revolutionary breakthrough in the Card Through Window Trick.


Passing through a solid object isn't just for comic book heroes anymore.

Spread the cards across a glass window, and you effortlessly pull their card through the glass, using nothing more than your mouth. All this with your hands shown clearly empty and placed behind your back.

No palming, no magnets, no gimmicked windows. The spectator can genuinely lose the card back into the pack themselves. You walk up to any glass window or door and, with ease, you become the superhero!

- No cards palmed, controlled, or hidden up your sleeves.
- Hands are placed behind your back to ease suspicion
- Cleanest Card Through Window on the market
- Resets in seconds
- A sleekly designed gimmick that gives you the power to bend the laws of physics.
- 50 mins of expert instruction taught by Rift creator, Cody Nottingham

Become a hero. Fracture the laws of physics with Rift.

Manufacturer Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Featured Product No
Very clean card through window to mouth Review by Magic man 7
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 100%
Received this product a few days ago and along with the extra item needed to buy it fairly simple to construct.
With a little practice to get used to the gimmick (which has been cleverly engineered) and angles it works very well and am very pleased with it. Looking forward to showing friends and family this and found the tutorial from Cody is very well explained and through out, good job Cody! Overall I would recommend this to any magician looking for a card through window effect that is portable, can be done without any assistants and wants to perform it as a stand alone trick or as a finale.

(Posted on 01/07/2017)

Rift Review by Illusionist349
Satisfaction 40%
Was excited to receive this product in the post... however now it's here I've realised how much of a rip off it is. They send you a piece of metal which they call "a gimmick"

Overall I think it's a good cocept however this "gimmick" could easily be homemade for under £10

(Posted on 11/04/2017)

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