Pub Tricks and Bar Bets

In this section we feature magic tricks and bar bets that are perfect for entertaining in a pub or bar setting. The range varies from items suitable for complete beginners, or magic tricks for working bar magicians.
Each item is picked for having minimal set up, a quick entertaining plot and often a theme around the bar bet. If you need any help choosing a trick to learn or would like advice and recommendations, please contact the Customer Care Team who will be happy to help you. 
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  1. Rubber Band Magic (2 DVD Set) - By Greg Moreland

    Rubber Band Magic (2 DVD Set) - By Greg Moreland

     Whether you just want to learn a few impressive tricks, or you're an impassioned student who wants Master's Degree in rubber band magic, this DVD will show you the way!  Rubber Band...

    Only £35.99

  2. Self Tying Shoelace (DVD and Props)

    Self Tying Shoelace (DVD and Props)

    You've got to see self tying shoelace in action:   Jay Noblezada comes a street magic effect that breaks the ice!Walk down a busy street with your shoe untied. Complete strangers will INTERRU...

    Only £19.50

  3. Ninja Coin Set

    Ninja Coin Set

    Pre-Order Item : Please allow 7-10 days for dispatch

    The origins of these coins have been clouded in mystery... some say they were used by Ninja Warriors to bribe their opponents. Another tale states that they were created in ancient China, by secret societies wishing to harness the deceptive powers of their masters. For the record allow us to state that both are true... and yet, neither is true. Such is the way of The Ninja Coins.

    Only £39.99

  4. Heads Or Tails

    Heads Or Tails

    By Gary KosnitzkyFrom the book's introduction:"Imagine being able to toss a spinning coin high up in the air and possess the uncanny ability to predict whether it will land on heads or tails ...

    Only £8.50

  5. DLite Morph (Single) by Rocco

    DLite Morph (Single) by Rocco

    Introducing the D'Lite Morph™. This very special D'Lite™ first lights as a pale purple, then automatically cycles through a wide range of colors; such as: red, orange, green, then ...

    Only £11.50

  6. Magnetic Scotch and Soda English Penny Tango

    Magnetic Scotch and Soda English Penny Tango

    The performer shows a silver half dollar in his left hand, and a copper English penny in his right hand. He then closes both of his hands. When he opens them, there is only a silver half dollar remain...

    Only £30.99

  7. Brainwave deck Royal

    Brainwave deck Royal

    The magician asks the spectator to name any card. A deck of cards is removed from the box and there is one card face up in the deck - it is the spectator's freely named card! As a climax, the magi...

    Only £5.99

  8. Voodoo Doll by Top Hat Productions

    Voodoo Doll by Top Hat Productions

    EffectThe Magician shows a realistic looking voodoo doll. It is placed in the spectators hand to look at. It is just a little straw doll. When the magician lays the doll in his palm, it suddenly comes...

    Only £9.99

  9. Astonishing Rice Jar by Barrie Richardson

    Astonishing Rice Jar by Barrie Richardson

    This is an amazing demonstration that Barrie has brought to life once again as featured in his newest book, "Act Two." People who have witnessed this stunt can recall it many years later. How many car...

    Only £19.50

  10. Silver Copper Brass Transposition Tango

    Silver Copper Brass Transposition Tango

    The performer takes three coins (one copper, one silver, and one Chinese coin) and places them in his left hand he retrieves one of the coins and places it in his right hand. The performer then opens ...

    Only £62.99

  11. Comedy Mini Wallet

    Comedy Mini Wallet

    Simply pull out this wallet and you will get an instant laugh. Use this great genuine leather wallet along with miniature cards and other miniature magic products to create a hilarious mini routine!!

    Only £14.99

  12. Cap and Coin Monte

    Cap and Coin Monte

       THIS WAS THE SELL OUT HIT AT THE UK CLOSE-UP MAGIC CONVENTION!Street Magic and Bar Bets come together to make a hard hitting effect that really drops jaws!!    &n...

    Only £30.99

  13. Cesaral Melting Point (New Edition)

    Cesaral Melting Point (New Edition)

    CAN BE PERFORMED WITH REGULAR UK COINS!!! One of the most amazing and visual coin tricks you will ever see. The magician gives a coin and a plate glass surface to be fully examined. The glass is then ...

    Only £72.99

  14. The Dancing Match

    The Dancing Match

    Matches held in the flat palm of the hand, or on a flat surface such as a card or beer mat, mysteriously stand on end, dipping and diving to match the performers hand movementsIt's a great bar, or...

    Only £10.50

  15. Anti-Gravity Trio by Royal Magic

    Anti-Gravity Trio by Royal Magic

    Three stunning tricks that defy the laws of gravity! Imagine being able to turn an open bottle of soda upside down and leave the liquid suspended inside! Then take the trick one step further by inse...

    Only £2.99

  16. Newtons Nightmare

    Newtons Nightmare

    A brilliant synthesis of sorcery and science, Newton's Nightmare must be seen to be believed! From the mind of William J. Schmeelk comes this gravity-defying miracle. A brass weight is dropped through...

    Only £15.50

  17. Free Will

    Free Will

     We all want to believe that we are in control. We want to believe that our decisions are our own. But maybe those are just beliefs.... You begin by removing a small piece of paper from a cl...

    Only £14.99

  18. Bottle Thru Body Tony Clark, DVD

    Bottle Thru Body Tony Clark, DVD

    Just imagine wrapping a piece of paper around any size brown, green or clear bottle and magically penetrate it through someones body! Tony has taken the classic bottle thru table and created a "stroll...

    Only £53.50

  19. Cap in Bottle Rey Ben

    Cap in Bottle Rey Ben

    The performer displays an empty bottle of beer along with the cap. Visibly, the cap is then magically "pushed" inside through the mouth of the bottle! The bottle is clearly shown and the spectator's ...

    Only £14.99

  20. Coin in Bottle - 50p Version (Single Cut)

    Coin in Bottle - 50p Version (Single Cut)

    Imagine borrowing a 50p coin and pushing it through the side of a glass bottle that's neck is smaller than the diameter of the coin? Borrow a 50p coin form the spectator. Hand the spectator an emp...

    Only £12.00

  21. 3 Card Monte Card Trick Skinner (Red)

    3 Card Monte Card Trick Skinner (Red)

    Michael Skinner is renowned for his huge working repertoire and many of his tricks required some very advanced sleight-of-hand. However a main feature of Michael's act at the Golden Nugget Casino...

    Only £9.99

  22. Scotch And Soda English Penny by Tango

    Scotch And Soda English Penny by Tango

    Effect 1The magician shows a half dollar and an english penny in the left hand. He closes both hands and when he opens the left only the half dollar can be found because the english penny has appeared...

    Only £30.99

  23. Deep Guilt Aces trick by David Regal

    Deep Guilt Aces trick by David Regal

    EFFECT: A deck of cards is shown and a spectator freely cuts the deck into four piles. The other cards are shown, so the spectator can see that they could have easily cut to any random cards. When th...

    Only £14.99

  24. Amazing Magic Tricks with Money - DVD

    Amazing Magic Tricks with Money - DVD

    Now anyone can do amazing magic tricks with  just the money in your pocket. Bank notes and regular coins get your audiences immediately, and can be produced instantly wherever you are. This makes...

    Only £10.50

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