Starting to learn sleight of hand magic can sometimes be very confusing. People usually begin with a few self working magic tricks they have purchased from a magic or joke shop to perform in front of their family and friends. After a while they may wish to develop their magic skills, by learning sleight of hand.

Private tuition is very worthwhile and can save hours, days, months and years of hard grind trying to learn from ill-advised books and videos. Learning magic from a good book is fantastic, but personal help is invaluable...

The Merchant of Magic offer personal tuition in close-up magic with playing cards, coins and other everyday items. Each session lasts approx 1.5 hours and will teach a good grounding in the basics of close-up magic, moves and sleights as well as very strong magic tricks that you will be able to perform anywhere!

No experience is necessary as we start at the beginning and move at your own pace. If you have ever tried learning magic from a book, and found that you get stuck and wish you could stop and ask questions or see the moves performed as you do them, then this is perfect for you!

You may prefer to book a single session, then practice the material before booking another, or book a series of sessions over the course of the year. Each session is tailored to you, so we work at your speed.


'I had a magic lesson today and just wanted to say how enjoyable it was. The instructor was a great teacher and was extremely helpful, tailoring the lesson to exactly the sort of stuff I needed to know. He didn't just teach me some great tricks and performance tips, but also advice on how to conquer nerves when performing for strangers and how to prepare effectively.' -  Jon Hutchinson



We follow a proven method for training magicians. 

Step 1: Assessment - You will sit down with the trainer and discuss your current abilities, magic interests and goals. If you already perform sleight of hand, your trainer will ask you to perform a few moves, so he can assess your technique. If you are a complete beginner, and want to start right at the beginning that's fine to.

Step 2 : Core technique - Your trainer will start teaching you core skills for sleight of hand. Each skill is framed in the context of a magic trick, so you learn perfect technique AND an application for that technique.

Step 3 : Act Development - The aim is not to just collect magic tricks. Your trainer will work with you to build a close up magic act you will be able to use commercially or for fun with your family and friends. During the onitial assessment, your trainer will have discussed your interests and helped you determine a type of persona for your magic. Your act is then build in stage 3 to reflect your performing style.

Below are a few suggested course structures, however, we often pick and mix the material to match your abilities, and preferences.



Example A: Introduction to Coin Magic

Magic with coins has always been fascinating for spectators. With the tools you will learn in this course, you will soon be able to perform amazing effects anywhere, simply with the change in your pocket!

Introduction to coin magic terms and phrases.

The Classic Palm
The Finger Palm
The Thumb Palm
The Spellbound Coin Change
The Bobo Switch
The Retention of Vision Vanish
The Coin Roll ( Rolling a coin over your fingers)
The Shuttle Pass
The Strike Vanish Lapping coins

Within the Course you will be learn some excellent professional Coin Magic including:

  • The Coin Matrix
  • Miligans Transposition
  • One Coin Routine
  • Gozinta
  • Copper/Silver Coin Trick


We work at your speed so you understand not only the mechanics of each effect/move but also the timing, presentation and psychological techniques required to really astound your audience and add impact to your performance.


Example B: Introduction to Card Magic

This acts as a perfect starting place to develop your skills performing magic with an ordinary deck of cards. We start at the beginning with an introduction to the terms and phrases used in card magic and then move on to cover :

The CORRECT ways to hold a deck of cards

Fundamental Cuts

Shuffles and controlling a chosen card

False shuffles/cuts and card breaks

The Double Lift Card Counts (Elmsley, Flustration)

Top Palming Method for cards and much more.....


Within the lessons you will be taught some essential professional card magic including:

  • The Ambitious card
  • The 2 and 3 of hearts trick
  • Out of this world (Paul Curry)
  • Radical Aces (Bill Mallone)


We work at your speed so that you understand not only the mechanics of each effect/move but also the timing, presentation and Psychological techniques required to really amaze your audience.


 Example C: Introduction to Close-up Magic

This course provides a good introduction to the skills needed to become a close-up magician. The Course teaches a wide range of very strong magic effects often using everyday objects. Within the course a range of magic effects and techniques are taught, which are not 'self- working' but are still suitable for the beginner.


These tricks include :
  • Match Stick Penetration (Match Stick Magic)
  • Crazy-mans Handcuffs (Rubber Band Magic)
  • The Ambitious card (Card Magic)
  • Silk or Pen Vanish (Silk or Pen Magic)
  • Dingles Coin Matrix (Coin Magic)
  • Dingles Coins Across to Glass Trick (Coin Magic)
  • Bottle Vanish and Production (Visual Illusion Magic)
  • Pen thru note (Money Magic)
  • Balducci Levitation (David Blaine Style)
  • Heavy Aces Trick (Card Magic)
  • Out of This World (Paul Curry) (Card Magic)
  • Colour Changing Card (Card Magic)
  • Ring and String Routine (Ring Magic)
  • And Much Much More............


About The Instructors

The team at the Merchant of Magic is made up of professional working Magic Circle Magicians. Their clients include Sony, BT, Lloyds TSB, The IVY, Coutts and Co, and The Hilton Group as well as some of the most exclusive restaurants and hotels worldwide.


How to Book a Session

Tuition takes place at 'The Merchant of Magic' magic shop in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire. UK. We can also send a trainer to you for personal tuition in your home or work place.

Due to demand, spaces are limited, so booking well in advance is recommended.

To book a session call us on 01273 903916 or email us HERE


Tuition Prices

Personal Tuition lessons at the Magic Shop From £50

Personal Magic Tuition At Your Work or Home : Please call for a quote.


For younger magicians, groups and families we also offer workshop classes. Go here for up to date class information:


'I just wanted to thank you for your expert tuition yesterday - really appreciated it, a very worthwhile journey!' - M.Clarke (Bristol)


 'MANY thanks for Friday's lesson. I learned one hell of a lot AND it was a very enjoyable experience!! My little brain is still reeling!! What I have already found is that the session helped me to get to grips with some of the video/book stuff I have been looking at.' - S Hill


'Many thanks for the magic lesson, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one' - J.Dimmock (Milton Keynes)


'Many thanks on the advice. It has really helped my confidence and made me a better performer.' - R Hanmore (Surrey)