STICKY by Kevin Schaller and Oliver Smith - DVD

STICKY by Kevin Schaller and Oliver Smith - DVD

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 "Great pieces of astonishments with a fresh taste." - Peter Eggink






It's is perfect for working pro's and also casual street magicians who want quick, stunning magic they can do anywhere without 'magician style' props. No fuss, no cheesy magic paraphernalia, just high impact magic and mentalism perfect for the new wave of magicians. 

Sticky features four strong tricks that you can perform using chewing gum. All the effects are very practical, organic, easy to perform and will leave your spectators astonished.

Torn & Fuzed:
Show a silver pack of gum and a different colored piece of foil from another pack. Visually make the colored piece fuse onto the silver foil, leaving it completely examinable and hand it out as an impossible souvenir.

Push Through:
Display a piece of gum inside one compartment of the gum pack. Have a spectator cup his hands underneath and visually push the gum through the compartment without any holes or slits leaving everything examinable.

Mark one compartment of the gum pack as your prediction with an X. Have a spectator draw an X onto any compartment on the other side and show it matches with your prediction.

Explain that there is only one piece of gum left inside the pack and have a spectator freely select a row and a compartment. Display that the last piece is sealed inside the exact location they just chose.
No force – any compartment can be named!



Is this easy to set up?

Yes. There is no long set up for the effects. It takes from 10 seconds to 2 minutes max. Easy to set up easy to perform.


Can I use any Gum?

You can use any blister style pack of gum, the brand does not matter. 


Do the mentalism effects require you to 'force' a choice on the spectator?

No! 100% FREE choice, no special way to count, no psychological force etc!




'Kevin is a great thinker and has a great creative mind. Its nice to see a mix of mentalism and visual magic as the routines and effects you get, give the dvd a good change rather than one trick stretched to hell.

Realy nice, modern and creative.... Great work'- Chris Webb



'I was fortunate to see earlier a copy of Sticky.. All the effects included are easy to perform and the preparation for any of them is ridicuoluous easy ! Loved it! - Nefesch



'The mental ideas look like an anytime/anywhere effect with unsuspective props. Ideal for street mentalism.' - Stefan O



'Great job guys!
I have been waiting for a full release from you Kev and I knew it's gonna come! 

To all of you, who don't know who Kevin is - long story short. Very bright, young guy with hundreds of great ideas in his head. I am sure he is a rising star and at some point in time in near future he will be shining very bright! - Radmak


'It really fooled me!You also get everything you need to perform it. This is a win win situation. Even though I'm a card guy, I'd use the last 2 mentalism effects' - Moe Magic



'Awesome... MentalGum and Marked seem like my type of effects: simple, direct and powerful!' - J Prager



'I love magic with everyday objects and will definitely add this..' - Mago Niko



'Looks Amazing! All the effects looks organic and really fun to do - I especially like the Marked effect!' - Kyle MacNeill



'Loving the 2 mentalism effects!!!Organic and sure to get great reaction magic!!!Congrats Kevin!' - Jay Di Biase




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Review Review by Lewis McDonald
Satisfaction 100%
Great DVD, 4 effects that are easy to do, make and fully explained. My favourite effect personally is torn and fused a brillant trick along with the other 3 effects. Recommended to all (with access to blister-packets of gum). Brilliant . 5*****

(Posted on 19/11/2015)

Review Review by Ben Montgomery
Satisfaction 100%
brilliant its soooooooooo easy to do and its very fun to perform hardly any gimmicks i think there is only 2 which is great well explained and good quality

(Posted on 25/10/2015)

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