Fryes Chips (DVD and Gimmicks) by Charlie Frye - DVD

Fryes Chips (DVD and Gimmicks) by Charlie Frye - DVD

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How to Spin a Poker Chip on Your Finger - No Skill Required


Poker chip stunts are wildly popular now. You've seen them all--chip shuffling, rolling them down the fingers, etc. But you have NEVER seen a chip stunt like this! Imagine being able to spin a poker chip on the very tip of your finger. Even when you're inches away, the secret of the stunt is impossible to detect. It looks like you're REALLY balancing a chip on the tip of your finger! It looks perfect from all angles and can be done surrounded. No thumbtip.

No magnets.
No threads.
No skill required
New Principle - Easy to Do

How is it done? We can't say, but you will shocked and surprised!
To top it all off, you will also obtain 6 bonuses, including Charlie Frye's step by step explanations of a number of impressive and real poker chip manipulations. Just this tutorial section on chip flourishes is worth the price of this collection, but this is just the bonus material! Also included is Charlie's version of the classic twirling cigarette paper, "The Paper Propeller." Learn to manipulate chips by the acknowledged expert in this genre, the Great Charlie Frye.
Manufacturer Bazar De Magia
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Review Review by Shaun Russell
Satisfaction 20%
If you have seen the video and are thinking of parting with your cash for this effect, DON'T DO IT!!!! It really is awful. Keep your money firmly in your wallet and look at another effect. Fryes chips? more like Freys Chumps because on receiving what amounted to be a gimmicked poker chip with a few bits extra I felt like a Chump...


(Posted on 02/01/2016)

Review Review by John Muliner
Satisfaction 100%
Been using this for a while and it's great. Its a normal poker chip and a little gimmick that makes the move very easy. I dont do any skilled stuff but this is easy!. When you make it spinning on your finger it looks mental. I done this for friends at a game and they were fried :)

(Posted on 30/10/2015)

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