Real Work on Restaurants and Bars - Jay Sankey

Real Work on Restaurants and Bars - Jay Sankey

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Over the past 20 years Jay has held contracts as the “house magician” at over a dozen different restaurants and bars. Now on this very special DVD Jay shares with you the real work on both the art and the business of making a very good living performing in these exciting venues.

Jay also teaches you 15 of his all-time favorite restaurant and bar effects, many of which he is sharing for the very first time. Learn incredibly commercial magic and mentalism with playing cards, coins, bottle caps, creamers, sugar packets, crayons, drinking straws, wine corks and business cards!

Just some of the routines included:

PERMANENT PRESS: Super visual "strong man" magic with a bottle cap!

HOT WAX: Break and restore a crayon in a flash of fire!

GUARANTEED: A one card stunner with a killer giveaway!

CUT & RESTRAWED:favorite effect with a drinking straw!

AIRTIGHTER: The stress-free handling of "Airtight" Jay always does in the "real world!" And yes- the balloon NEVER breaks!

FOUR SEASONS: A "just found" button changes into three different coins!

POPULATION EXPLOSION: A hyper-practical climax to any sponge ball (or "Earplug!") routine!

MERGER: Two business cards reveal the identity of two selections!

AMPHIBEAN: A borrowed and marked coin appears inside a sealed creamer!

SUGAR-COATED: The most practical torn + restored sugar packet in the world!

FREEZER BURN: A few ounces of the spectator's own drink is frozen into an ice cube!

CORKER: Two halves of a broken cork are visually melted back together!

THE BLACKPOOL EFFECT: The routine everyone is talking about. A mind-blowing combination of magic and mentalism. Jay has been nailing seasoned magicians with this ingenious card routine for years!

To make this DVD even MORE valuable, Jay also shares with you the real work on approaching tables, choosing routines, selling yourself to management, restaurants vs. bars, inspiring tips, openers and closers, being a team player, scripting effects, performing for "regulars" and a great deal more!

Contains 15 outstanding routines and over 2 hours of priceless information learned over hundreds of nights of real-world performing.

Duration: 140 minutes


"I can't believe how much real-world advice Jay shares on this dvd. The effects are all the usual amazing 'Sankey quality' (I'll definitely be adding 5 or 6 of them to my regular set) but for me it's the killer advice on self-promotion and communicating with managers that makes this dvd worth THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS." -Ryan M.

"Get the RESTAURANTS AND BARS dvd before you lose another restaurant gig to a local competitor!" -Max H.

"I've been doing Permanent Press and Guaranteed at a few local bars over the past week and both routines KILL. Jay totally 'gets' what really works in these situations. Thanks a ton!" -Steve G.

"I've been doing a torn and restored sugar packet for years and it always rocks spectators, but I gotta admit that Jay's 'Sugar-Coated' is even better! Wonderfully practical!" -Gary B.

"The 'Blackpool Effect" on the Restaurants and Bars dvd is CRAAAAAZY!" -Chris D.

"I know what I'm going to be doing this summer..making good money and having a blast frying laypeople with these knock-out effects!" -Thomas R.

"I just received my copy of The Real Work on Restaurant and Bars, and I absolutely love it!" -Marc F.

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