Sankeys Best Coin Magic - DVD

Sankeys Best Coin Magic - DVD

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  • 20 of Jay's most powerful and creative coin effects!
  • Includes 'lost Sankey gems!' Little know, wildly creative, hard-hitting effects from some of Jay's earliest DVDs!
  • Over 25 years in the making! All of Jay's BEST coin magic on ONE DVD!
  • Outstanding value & convenience!
  • An incredible variety of coin magic!
  • Completely self-contained. All sleights and techniques are described in detail!

For LESS than the cost of many 1-trick DVDs sold on the market, you can now own 20 of Jay's BEST coin routines!

This is the cream of the Jay's 'silver crop!' Jay personally hand-picked this killer collection with VARIETY in mind!

Includes inspired material for all skill levels from ridiculously easy to 'oh my God' difficult. All of Jay's classic handlings plus many stunners you've probably never even heard of!

1.RECURRENCY/ A coin appears and REAPPEARS on, inside and beneath an ordinary wallet resting on the table! Perfect for bars and clubs!

2.SLOW MOTION COINS/ Jay's super lean, wonderfully structured 3 coins to 3 pockets handling!

3.NEST EGG/ A marked coin appears inside a matchbox inside the card case!

4.UPS & DOWNS/ A single coin penetrates down and UP through a solid table!

5.CASH FLOW/ Truly astounding 4 coin production. You won't believe your eyes.

6.MEXICAN JUMPING COINS/ Jay's acclaimed 'one behind' handling PACKED with innovative sleights!

7.HYPOTHESIS PRODUCTION/ Created for professional walkaround work, this extremely practical coin production sequence is now a part of repertoires around the world!

8.MASS CONSUMPTION/ An insane series of vanishes and appearances. One innovative sleight after another!

9.UNIQUELY/ A surreal transposition between a borrowed coin and the torn corner of a playing card!

10.MR.CLEAN COINS ACROSS/ One of the most acclaimed coins across handling in all of modern coin magic!

11.SLICK SPLITS/ Hypervisual four coin production!

12.NO WAY OUT/ A 2-coin transpo with a BIG difference. Great commercial twist on a classic plot!

13.P.O.V CHANGE/ Strong theatre meets super visual coin change!

14.NO JACKET REQUIRED/ One by one four coins vanish and appear in four different locations!

15.FIFTH QUARTER/ Jay squeezes the very most out of the Pop-Up Move complete with a big surprise finish!

16.FOUR SEASONS/ A series of one-coin changes, each more visual than the last! Perfect opening effect for walkaround work!

17.ROLLOVER/ A hit-and-run coins across!

18.STRIKE THREE/An elegant handling with 3 coins, a handkerchief and a pen! Learn Jay's handling of Williamson's 'Striking Vanish!'

19.THROUGH THICK AND THIN/ An especially clever 3-phase coin through the table handling!

20.PUSH BUTTON/ A high-tech '4 coins and card case' close-up extravaganza!

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