Moonshine Playing Cards - Enigma Ltd and USPCC

Moonshine Playing Cards - Enigma Ltd and USPCC

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Uniquely designed from any other playing cards in the world, Moonshine Playing Cards were crafted with a feel of era and nostalgia in mind.

We didn’t design this deck to keep up with modern trends, they were designed over a year as a sheer labour of love. Straying away from the generic look of modern day playing cards, we wanted you to instantly be taken back to an era of mobs and dolls, to the speak-easy, smokey bars of 1920′s America.

The Moonshine playing cards have the amazing air cushioned finish that allow the cards to glide and slide with ease. This air cushioned finish along with the card stock that they are printed on make them the perfect deck for not only for sleight of hand card magic tricks but also perfect for flourishing and cardistry.

Printed by The United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) in Erlanger, Kentucky. The USPCC is the best and most respected playing card manufacturer in the world. We chose only the best company to craft The Moonshine Deck for you, because we believe in nothing but the best in quality.


Got some of these and have not put them down since! - Alan Rorrison (Consultant for Dynamo and creator of Linkey and iProject)


I got some Moonshine decks too and I love them. Very modern design and they feel really good:) - Kevin Schaller (Creator of Sticky and Variance)


… these cards are great! - Magicsceen Magazine

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