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Most Unbelievable Magic Set by Fantasma magic - Magic Sets

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One of the worlds most popular magic sets.

Perfect for young magicians from the age of 6 onwards, who want to learn how to do magic!

Your child will be taught over 50 Unbelievable magic tricks. The magic sets full of the classic of magic. Tricks like the Cups & Balls, the oldest and most respected trick in history.

Other magic tricks include The Coin Paddle, where your child can show two sides of a small paddle and then a coin will appear on one side, only to magically vanish, and reappear on both sides!

unlike other magic sets, the most unbelievable magic set comes with a genuine Magic Wand, that really does some magic tricks.


The magic sets additional content:

The Box of Mystery that causes things to appear and vanish.

The Magic Genie Vase, with a special rope appearing from it, that only the magician use to hold the vase up.

The incredible Four Sided Card, an astonishing playing card that seems to have four faces!

 The Magicians Penetrating Frame, that seems normal and totally solid, yet your child will be able to  push a pencil right through it,

The list goes on and on!

As with all Fantasma Magic sets, the Most Unbelievable Show comes with the endorsement of the International brotherhood of magicians, the world's largest magic club!

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