Non Toxic by Geraint Clarke - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD

Non Toxic by Geraint Clarke - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD

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 100% flawless calculator number force

for iPhone or Android Smartphones


Dynamo - Magician Impossible and Ben Hanlin in the UK, brought the smartphone calculator force to the attention of magicians everywhere. Now Geraint Clarke has released the method so you can use this technique anywhere. WORKS WITH ANY NUMBER IN ANY COUNTRY!

Walk up to a spectator and ask them to type ANY number they like into a calculator on your/their phone, and multiplying it by ANY other number they can think of. With this magic trick, the answer will ALWAYS be your telephone number!

They call the number and your phone starts ringing in their hand.
- NO TOXIC set-up

On this instant video download, you'll learn Geraint's 100% flawless magic secrets for achieving this trick, that can be done with an Android or iPhone. Easy to learn and prorm anywhere.

BONUS : As a gift, Geraint will also teach you the TOXIC technique. An alternative method that served as the original inspiration for this effect, which has the same presentation, but a radically different technique.

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Review Review by Michael Page
Satisfaction 100%
I have just watched the download video. You would not believe how simple this is, you can learn it in the time it takes you to watch the video. Cant wait to try it out

(Posted on 12/01/2016)

Review Review by Corran Vercoe
Satisfaction 100%
So I have always been very skeptical with instant downloads, how stupid I have been. The secret is amazingly simple, and simply brilliant. Would highly recommend 10/10

(Posted on 21/11/2015)

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