How To Be A Professional Stupid by Max Marshall - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

How To Be A Professional Stupid by Max Marshall - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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If you enjoy performing physical comedy, silliness, sight gags and sometimes stupid (and we mean that in only the most professional way) stunts for your kids and family audiences, you’re going to love this new e-book, How to Be a Professional Stupid. The author Max Marshall is one of the most skilled physical comedians on the planet. He’s the top outdoor comedic performer at Disneyland Hong Kong attracting huge crowds for his street show that’s filled with magic, visual humor and downright “stupid” theatrics.

The book has 101 comedy gags and silly skills for you to learn and try out with your own kids, grandchildren or at your next performance. You’ll love the over 300 big color photos and short descriptions to help you master the bits of business fast. Show business professionals will be familiar with some of the routines, but all of you will be impressed with easy-to-follow photo layout designed to help you understand and master each trick, bit, or silly stunt. 

Soon you’ll be doing routines on the level of a Professional Stupid with straws, spoons, eyeglasses, a toothbrush, lollipops, marshmallows, water, and latex gloves. There’s also over two dozen bits without any props as Max shows you how to get laughs just by moving your hands, fingers, neck and tongue in ways that raise the eyebrows of kids everywhere.


  • Handshake gags? There’s five of them.
  • Shoe gags? Yes they’re included too.
  • Body magic? You know how much young children are consumed with the ways their bodies function and malfunction. Max includes his best material on the subject.


“With 101 stupid (and I mean that in the best possible sense) gags and bits of business, you’re bound to find a ton of inspiration for you kid show routines in the pages of Professional Stupid.Christopher Barnes, Author, Just For Fun



"I've been entertaining children for decades, but I found loads of gags in this terrific book that I have never seen before. This is a great resource."David Kaye aka "Silly Billy," Author, Seriously Silly

The classics are in this e-book, but there’s original material too. And Max’s approach is refreshing. When you get How to be a Professional Stupid, you’ll find new ways to incorporate “stupid stuff” into a smart performance. We guarantee that every magician, clown and comedy kids entertainer will find innovative ideas by Max Marshall that’ll increase the audience laughs, groans, and silliness in your show.

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