Proteus by Phedon Bilek (+ Bonus Extended Version ebook)
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Proteus by Phedon Bilek (+ Bonus Extended Version ebook)

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Coming from a purely sleight-of-hand background, Phedon designs PRACTICAL methods that actually WORK, leaving no space for approximation. 


After having witnessed Proteus, spectators have no other alternative than to truly believe they have witnessed the Real Thing. They are asked to FREELY think of a drawing, ANY drawing, and despite impossible odds the mentalist KNOWS EXACTLY what they have in mind. All the time. 

Do you still use a peek in your drawing duplications? Do you still resort to math-based and other lengthy error-prone processes to be able to call your prop-less effect "reliable"? Or, do you settle with methods that MIGHT work as they rely on psychology/suggestion/luck? Well, think again. 


  • is 100% Prop-less and Impromptu
  • requires only a FAST and INVISIBLE procedure
  • does NOT require highly intelligent or sober spectators. It works on kids!
  • NEVER confuses the participant
  • is FUN and EASY to do
  • is what mind reading SHOULD ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE

As a bonus, Phedon has included his billet routine, "Heads I win Tails you lose," packing really small -you need 2 billets- and playing HUGE on audiences of any size. 


Furthermore, in addition to English, the method only is available in FrenchSpanishItalianGerman and Greek.


"Phedon's performances are very strong. He never fails to deliver." 

"I rarely get intrigued enough to bite when I hear about the next best thing. After several people had told me I need to check out Phedon's routine, I arranged a Skype session and I am glad that I did! The routine is crazy good - I instantly had several ideas as to how I am going to use it. Love it!" 

"There is nothing stronger than always having a piece of pure mind reading ready for any situation. Proteus is that and so much more. It's a beautiful piece" 

"Proteus is without a doubt one of the very finest prop-less mind reading demonstrations I have ever read. The fact that I will be using this at every opportunity is the highest accolade I can give. The book itself is beautifully written and has been presented in a very clear, yet highly detailed fashion, for ease of learning. I predict an amazing future in mentalism for Phedon and once you have read this, you will understand why!" 

"Mind Peek sets a new standard in prop-less mentalism. Having this tool in your arsenal ensures that you can deliver the goods anytime and anywhere." 

"The ultimate prop-less effect. What's crazy is the interactive game at the beginning. Phedon has designed a book that reads your mind!" 

"It's a totally amazing system. I absolutely love it!" 

"Phedon has punched, kicked, and grappled with one of mentalism's classics and has revealed its deepest secrets. Want to upgrade your Judo to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, too? Take them directly to the mat with this graceful approach!" 

"Phedon Bilek has accomplished something remarkable in the field of propless, impromptu mind reading. Using an ingenious combination of principles that are easily learned, he has found a way to create a very organic moment of seemingly genuine mind-to-mind thought transference. All you need are one or two willing participants, and one diabolical secret to literally reveal spontaneously thought-of objects with no preparation, nothing written down, no preshow, no dual-reality, and no instant stooging. This is extremely well thought-out, and thoroughly road-tested for reliability. I will be doing this one, for sure!" 

"Phedon has created a system which, once learned, will give you a powerhouse of an effect that can be performed completely impromptu. I love it and I will definitely use it!!" 

"When Phedon performed this effect on me (three times) he was spot on! You are here for a real treat. If you ever dreamed of doing the perfect drawing duplication with nothing written down, look no further! Highly recommend!" 

"Proteus is brilliant, and it is easily the best mind reading technique I have seen in the last decade. Buy it, use it, and stun your audiences with it." 

"The method is amazing and this is how Mentalism should be!" 

"Phedon performed this on me and it was EXACTLY as seen in the trailer. Absolutely nothing is left out of the demo. There is no other process. That's it. He nailed my thought 3 times in a row. It is truly the most magical thing I've experienced in a long time." 

"Lately I had the honor of taking a look at some of Phedon's work, we are on the same line of thought when it comes to getting rid of "extra weight" to perform impromptu/prop-less mentalism. Proteus is a piece of art, all you need is two minds and a piece of ground to floor you audience!" 

"Phedon performed this for me over the phone. He actually read my mind in a matter of less than 20 sec. That really was the closest thing to 'real mind reading' I ever experienced" 

"Proteus is absolutely brilliant! I was fortunate enough to be involved in the "field tests," and both the simplicity and impact make the effect one that should be in the working repertoire of every professional mentalist. If I were to make a list of required reading for budding psychic entertainers, this book would definitely be on that list as it is a study in how to perform truly prop-less impromptu mind reading. Thank you, Phedon, for allowing me to witness the birth of what is certain to become a classic!" 

"It brought me back to that sense of a child seeing magic for the first time" 

"It's a seriously great routine. The concept is easy to learn and yet as far as I can tell, new!" 

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Proteus Review by Rosemary W.
Skill Level 60%
Customer Rating 40%
Read this book over and over many times, definitely not worth the money I was charged. Tried it out a good few times still does not work. This must be the worst and most expensive book I've ever read. Not pleased with this rubbish.

(Posted on 05/09/2017)

Not for me. Review by Steve P.
Skill Level 60%
Customer Rating 40%
Not for me, was hoping that after reading and testing out the project on more than 20 people I have only had one hit to date.

(Posted on 08/08/2017)

Great book. Review by GORDON A
Skill Level 60%
Customer Rating 100%
Great book. Added value with Shadow Box. Great deal.

(Posted on 08/08/2017)

Awesome effect. Review by Helen R.
Skill Level 60%
Customer Rating 100%
The less people that know this awesome effect the better, it really is a miracle.

(Posted on 08/08/2017)

fantastic book Review by Richard M
Skill Level 60%
Customer Rating 100%
This is a fantastic book for any one interested in mentalist. No props nothing to carry completely impromptu

(Posted on 08/08/2017)

Great book Review by Mike
Skill Level 60%
Customer Rating 80%
I really enjoyed this. Let me start by saying that I am using this from a purely amateur standpoint, and I can say that I have used this a few times now, and I have had about a 75% success rate, so it does take a little tinkering with, like most magic, you need to adjust it to you own skill set and your audience. But when you do get it, it is remarkable, the book itself is well written and enjoyable to learn. I would recommend this.

(Posted on 06/08/2017)

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