Raven by Chuck Leach - Magic Tricks

Raven by Chuck Leach - Magic Tricks

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The Raven is one of the most popular magic devices for coin magic tricks ever released for magicians. Used my many of the worlds top magicians, the Raven is probably the most famous gadget for making coins and other small objects vanish in an instant. The Raven allows you to do endless coin magic tricks without having to spend years learning to palm coins.

With the Raven, you can place a coin in your hand  (or a spectators) and just wave your hand over the coins and is visually vanishes. One moment it's there.. The next it's gone!.

 "I just wave my hand over the coin like this... It vanishes!"

The Raven became popular because it allows anyone to vanish a coin without any skill. There are no odd moves, no sleight of hand. You just wear the device, put a coin on a persons hand and make it disappear at will. Your hands can be shown all around, the coin is not there!

The Raven doesn't stop at vanishing coins. You can change objects into different objects, shrink a coin into a smaller coin... The  more you play with The Raven, the more uses you will discover. It's like having a hidden tiny assistant with you, that does all the sleight of hand for you. 


The Raven is suitable for complete beginners


No batteries or refills required.


When your Raven arrives, you just need to open the box, put it on, and you are ready to start performing coin magic tricks that will make even other magicians amazed!





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Only the Beginning Review by jp
Customer Rating 80%
As my forefathers only came down from the trees a few generations ago, I found my arms were too long for the standard set up. It works well enough for vanishing coins (I like to change a 1p/2p into a £1/£2) but I still haven't found an easy way to set up when all eyes are on me. This means I only use it right at the beginning or after a break in a routine.

(Posted on 28/07/2016)

Review Review by robert horton
Customer Rating 100%
I have been using my x2 so much that I now NEVER leave the house without it - just in case I get asked to "do a trick" (something which I always had problems after the first few times with a certain group. With the raven the number of effects possible mean that there is always something I can do - without messy prep work and working in pretty much any surroundings!)

I recommend that every magicain (or budding magi - it's that easy!) gets at least one! (I am currently buying a second for a cute little routine I've thought up - and I'm sure I'll think of other uses for 2!)

(Posted on 07/01/2016)

Review Review by Stuart Guerin
Customer Rating 100%
Just bought the Raven X2. It's good but pretty big. I would advise you buy the normal raven unless you're really good at it. The trick is really good though - gets people wondering just how the hell you did it!!

(Posted on 01/11/2015)

Review Review by CG Booth
Customer Rating 80%
This is a must have for a coin magician. Now I am not really into coin magic, cards are more my thing but that didn't stop me liking the product. It is good at most things, but (maybe just my coins) not very magnetic, really. Still a good product though and only about 15 minutes set-up.
Price: 4/5 Effect: 5/5 Instructions: 5/5 Would recommend for beginners.

(Posted on 01/11/2015)

Review Review by AMIR IQBAL
Customer Rating 100%
Amazing. Never done any magic before and within an hour was vanishing coins like a pro. what an effect! looks amazing! very easy to do. highly recommended

(Posted on 19/10/2015)

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