Red Pill (DVD and Gimmick) by Chris Ramsay

Red Pill (DVD and Gimmick) by Chris Ramsay

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Red Pill : Everything happens in their hands and in their minds!

Two effects straight from Chris Ramsay's personal working repertoire, this is something he's been using to book himself countless corporate/private events. An interactive routine which guarantees a personal connection with your audience.


Two decks are presented to two spectators. One open pack of blue cards and one sealed deck of red ones. The sealed deck is placed within one of the spectators hands, the other spectator selects a card from the open pack, moments later the selected card has now vanished from the open pack and impossibly appears inside the cellophane of the sealed deck!


Imagine showing a spectator a sealed deck of cards, placing it between their hands and having them think of a playing card. Now imagine that the card they just thought of is now impossibly trapped and sealed inside the cellophane which has never left their hands! The best part is, everything is fully examinable and they can decide to tear it open to find out how it was done, or keep it sealed as an impossible souvenir!
  • Full length performances and instruction
  • Bonus (visual) handling
  • Gimmick included (some assembly required)
  • Bonus: cold read Script
Follow me down the rabbit hole...
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2017 Review by Ceri
Skill Level 60%
Customer Rating 100%
This is pure genius. I have not created the gimmick but it's so simple. The setup of the effect is truly genius. It will take a lot of practise to get your patter down but the pay off is God-like status. One card skill required, the rest is all performance and all mentalism. I hope people use it. This is powerful.

(Posted on 22/07/2017)

Very good Review by Graham
Customer Rating 100%
Takes a bit to get everything ready, but when you do its well worth it, great reaction from people, worth every penny

(Posted on 01/04/2017)

What an effect! Review by Matra
Customer Rating 100%
This is one outstanding trick that I had to buy after not being able to work it out from the commercial. You don't NEED the gimmick though it does help those who aren't very 'craft orientated'. The gimmick is based on the old rider back design so you either need to find some old boxes, make a more modern one, or buy the 'Gold Standard' deck.

It does require a LOT of patience to create and practice all the elements required but oh boy is it worth it when you do! The only real downside that I can find is that the DVD is simply a 90 minute single video. 'Chapters' just take you to a time, pressing next track to view the next chapter ends the video.

I suppose cost of the effect could be considered too as it does require the use of an entire new deck of cards, repeating this trick often will be costly for a hobbyist. If you are also not competent with basic crafting tools like a (sharp) knife and cutting mat then I'd suggest not getting this as it does require a good 20-30 minutes to setup for the first time, if you do it enough I reckon the time would get down to about 5-10 minutes

Instructions are included on how to make everything you NEED but if you want to customise for different decks then it's pretty easy to see how that's done too.

Easily a 5 star product and well worth the price

(Posted on 22/02/2017)

Amazing Review by Markus
Customer Rating 100%
This product is truly outstanding.

(Posted on 04/02/2017)

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