Magma By Kyle Marlett

Magma By Kyle Marlett

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The hands are the focal point for power for many magicians, so why not turn your hands into a glowing hot lightshow? With Magma, you can focus your power and transform your fist into a seemingly, red-hot inferno. Metal bending, PK effects, fire & smoke magic take on a superhero moment when the items in your hand start to burn brightly in a fiery orange glow.

"Magma is a smart way to make a particular moment in your show a lot more magical."
- Joshua Jay

The gimmick is practically invisible in performance and can provide over 100 uses before it will require a USB recharge. Highly durable and expertly manufactured, your Magma gimmick will handle years of repeated use.

Turn your fist into a furnace Magma is extremely easy to use and is everything you could wish for to inject a mutant-ability moment into your magic.


- Makes your fist light up to look molten hot
- Add extra punch to coin bends, metal bending, PK magic and many more
- Add smoke to Magma and really heat things up
- Durable, self-working gimmick does everything for you
- One size fits all
- Easy to learn, easy to do
- USB rechargeable
- No reset, Magma is ready to go every time

"This thing is hot! Killer applications."
- Justin Flom

MoM - Behind The Curtains Vlog

Magma by Karl Marlett

Manufacturer No
Featured Product No
Expensive but effective. Review by M
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 80%
A very good prop and easy to use, the response from the audience when the hand lights up is brilliant.

(Posted on 04/07/2017)

Great bit of kit Review by david
Satisfaction 100%
Let's face it we all had a good idea what this would be .but got to say am impressed with how it's been put together .
Can see great potential in routines with it .

(Posted on 14/10/2016)

worth the money Review by none
Satisfaction 60%
a great ADDITION to any illusion that involves lights or is not much use otherwise

(Posted on 22/09/2016)

Magma Review by Simon Cutmore
Satisfaction 100%
The Magma is pretty cool, it is what I thought it would be, but that doesn't detract from it. I can see uses for a lot of mentalism stuff but it is not a "trick" on its own. Excellent reset and well thought out use with preprogrammed delays that are bang on.

(Posted on 13/07/2016)

Magma Review by Mark Taylor
Satisfaction 100%
I found it easy to learn and use. After 20 minutes I was a professional!

(Posted on 13/07/2016)

Magma Review by Kim Parkes
Satisfaction 100%
Without divulging intricacies of this devices, I am more than pleased with Magma. It is easily worked and performed. Magma is worth the price alone

(Posted on 13/07/2016)

Everything is perfect Review by CREATIONS MAGIQUES
Satisfaction 100%
Everything is perfect

(Posted on 13/07/2016)

Amazing Review by Shabaz Hamid
Satisfaction 100%
This product gets amazing reactions, but it wasn't as easy as it looked at first, the same for all tricks, but once you get the practice down and perfect it, it looks simple but gets amazing reactions, Also it's the best and latest ring flight out there (at the time of review July 2016) I highly recommend it.

(Posted on 13/07/2016)

Seamless Review by Martin Warr
Satisfaction 100%
seamless and seamless

(Posted on 13/07/2016)

Perfect for what I need Review by Colin
Satisfaction 100%
This is a very well made and thought out gimmick. I can think of hundreds of uses

(Posted on 05/07/2016)

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)
Does magma get hot and if so how do you cool it down.