Imagication by T.G Murphy - Book

Imagication by T.G Murphy - Book

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Imagication by T.G. Murphy 

T.G. Murphy not only teaches tricks and flourishes in Imagication, but he also tried to teach how to create your own sleights and magic so that you will never again be dependent on others for your card work. This is taught throughout the book. 

T.G.'s Mid-Air Triple Cut is fully explained in Imagication. This has become his trademark and a benchmark for others. Over the years, this flourish has become known by many different names. There are many ways to do this flourish improperly and only one way to do it correctly. In his next book, there will be many advancements taught with this flourish and the only way one will succeed with these new flourishes is if they have the proper technique for the Mid-Air Triple Cut. 

One Hand Shuffle Force
Can you force a selected card while performing a one-handed shuffle? This force has fooled every magician that has seen it! 

Can you palm a card completely exposed without fear of detection? Imagication has deceived the sharpest eyes in magic. 

Poker Deal From The Box
Can you stack a deck for a game of poker while the cards are still in the card case? Imagication can show you how. 

Do you know that by purposely exposing the two-handed shift it will be more deceptive than ever thought possible? 

Card Rise Just In Case
How many times have you put a deck away in the card case? Millions of times! Did it ever occur to you to do it differently? 

Can you peek and injog a card in the middle of the deck while cutting the deck with one hand, without any telltale signs? 

And this is just the start. There are many other sleights and tricks in Imagication. 
Full Table of Contents-
Card Rise Just in Case
Cutting the Sandwich
Surprising Houdini and Blackstone
Reverse Waterfall
I Cap Cut
Pro's Spread
One Handed Shuffle Force
Poker Deal Solution
Is This Yours?
Pass Palm
In The Side Pocket
Erdnase Cut Retold
Pie Cut Trick
The Pen Trick
On Second Thought
Vegas Style Cut
Sleight Flight
St. Louis Opener
Faro Failing
T.G. Control
Double Fan Control
Poker Deal From The Box
Mate A Minute
Mid- Air Triple Cut
Table Stake Aces
Reverse Mid-Air Triple Cut
NE Plus Ultra
Back Flip Dexterity
Hardbound - 336 pages
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