The Book of Angels by Fraser Parker - Book and PDF

The Book of Angels by Fraser Parker - Book and PDF

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The Book of Angels is the book Fraser always wanted to read himself; a book of real magic that uses words and shifts in perception as a tool to create illusion, where the illusion comes full circle and completes itself to the extent, it becomes someone else's experience of reality. 

His dream was to be able to leave behind, using little more than his words, a beautiful lie; an illusion that points at something true; that we are all connected. 


He found such a book as he had visualized it, did not exist. He had to write it himself and coaxing it to manifest into this realm took many years and a belief it was always possible, even when others doubted it. 


He has said if he could own just one magic book, it would be this one. 


This may be Fraser's final note to the Mentalism community. He says if he never releases anything else again then this is the book he wants to be remembered for, as a gift to all future students of the art, who will also continue to push past the boundaries of what was once considered possible, themselves. 


This is a hard back book and will be limited to two hundred copies and will never be printed again. 


It will contain never before seen material from his personal notebooks as well as updates to some of his greatest releases. 


After reading this book you will be able to do such things as influence your spectators to do your bidding, without any need for actual hypnosis, change your participant's beliefs in God, erase their memory, prop-lessly guess thought of names, words, star signs, drawings, memories, numbers, colours and symbols as well as perform these effects in reverse with the spectator using their intuition to guess the information you are thinking of. And much more. 


His uses for billets, including his “now show” principle that allows you to perform as cleanly as with “pre show” but within the context of a close up performance as well as his “no pocket writing, pocket writing”. 


Fraser will also share how he sets all of this up using just words, if you wish to stay entirely without props.You will then be able to ask any yes/ no questions to your spectator during the course of your set and without them ever saying a word, always know the answer they are focusing on mentally, with one hundred percent accuracy, everyone is fooled. 


This includes Peter Turner's way of performing a star sign reveal where the spectator only answers in their mind. 


As a way of leaving his work behind for posterity, this book will include most of Fraser's previous releases and his most up to date thinking on these plots as well as unreleased work from his notebooks. It will also include uncut, real-world performance videos of each of the pieces included in this book.He will also discuss theory and why he feels his approach to modern Mentalism works, as well as how he is able to create instant credibility in the minds of those he performs for. 


This is the closest we have come to creating real methods, outside of giving readings. If you want to be able to perform feats of telepathy that feel real with nothing but your words and their ability to create shifts in perception, then you need this book.Those who have wished to own such a book, it will now appear; so mote it be. 


Each copy will be numbered and will be limited to two hundred copies, only. Most, if not all of these methods, will be able to be translated and performed in other languages, with little effort. I imagine these will sell out fast and would advise securing your copy now, as to not miss out. 



IMAGINE being able to guess the name of someone who has been on the mind of your spectator – a friend, family member or loved one – within a few seconds, completely prop-less and with NO extra process other than the spectator simply focusing on the name of the person close to them. This is a psychic's dream come true![An earlier write up of this can also be found in Karuna by Ross Tayler].

IMAGINE holding onto a spectator's hand to establish a connection in order to help the spectator use their genuine intuition to be able to divine the exact, face down card selected at random from a deck of cards.

IMAGINE being able to divine the star sign of your spectator, throwing out letters you feel might be contained in their sign, without the spectator ever saying anything out loud and always being one hundred percent correct![This method works with any anagram].

IMAGINE the spectator answering yes or no in their mind to specific questions and you always knowing what answers they are merely thinking of, allowing you to divine practically any piece of information.

IMAGINE always being able to know specific letters or numbers thought of by your spectator, entirely prop-less, as well as being able to guess thought of names, words and star signs with ease.

IMAGINE the spectator trusting their intuition to be able to successfully divine the names and star signs YOU are thinking of.

IMAGINE being able to prop-lessly divine a drawing your spectator is merely thinking of, with no discernible process and no anagram. You get your spectator to try to guess your thought of drawing and you know theirs.

IMAGINE the spectator being able to always trust their intuition to successfully divine the pin number to your bank account or phone unlock code.

IMAGINE no more!

All of this and more has been made possible and is taught in Fraser's limited work The Book Of Angels.This book is at the pinnacle of the modern prop-less approach to the realistic performance of Mentalism.

Fraser blends method and effect seamlessly, to create prop-less routines that look and feel exactly as they would if you were performing actual feats of telepathy and mind reading.

Witness the power of words and the ability they have to shift perception.

Learn how to create an illusion with words and actions that goes completely full circle where nothing but the beautiful lie of the appearance of real magic remains.

Your spectators will leave your performances believing what you do is real... period!

Manufacturer Fraser Parker
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I got my moneys worth from the first effect! Review by Al Straker
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 100%
Received my copy a week or so ago and so far have only read the first 4 effects. In fact, to call these effects is a little unfair, it is more a case of each effect having a propless 'toolkit' taught within it and far more tips, additional presentations and variations are given along the journey.

I already have my money's worth in ONE of the 'utility toolkits' Fraser shares.

(Posted on 26/07/2018)

AMAZING! Review by Dr Ross
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 100%
My copy of 'The Book of Angels' arrived today! It's a beast of a thing, and looks great! I have skimmed over some of the effects in the PDF copy that Fraser sent out after I purchased the book. However, I wanted to wait until I got the physical copy to read it from cover-to-cover (which he strongly recommends doing in the opening section of the book). Now I can do this!

(Posted on 26/07/2018)

You won't be disappointed Review by Tom Wong
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 40%
Satisfaction 100%
You won't be disappointed! I love Fraser's work, and I am most definitely not on my own.

(Posted on 26/07/2018)

Get ready for some really clever and practical work Review by Jacob Smith
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 100%
I've seen some of the contents being developed over the years and undoubtedly quite a bit of it in its current form.
That being said, Fraser has some more phenomenal material being brought to the forefront in this stunning volume. I'm so excited to see what ends up maiming the cut and what the the art's reaction will be.
Get ready for some really clever and practical work if you're one of the lucky adopters like yours trul

(Posted on 26/07/2018)

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