Ninja Coin Set

Ninja Coin Set

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Can Ninja Coins Transform into any coin they touch?

The Ninja Coins - Created by Dominic Reyes

The origins of these coins have been clouded in mystery... some say they were used by Ninja Warriors to bribe their opponents. Another tale states that they were created in ancient China, by secret societies wishing to harness the deceptive powers of their masters. For the record allow us to state that both are true... and yet, neither is true. Such is the way of The Ninja Coins.

You show two Chinese coins and explain that they have magical powers. They have the ability to change themselves into any coin that is pressed against them, regardless of it's shape, size or colour. To demonstrate the unique ability of the coins, you ask to borrow a 50p coin from a spectator and place it on top of one of the Chinese coin. Both are pressed together and the Chinese coin transforms into a 50p coin! You explain that the Ninja Coin is a master of disguise and will copy any coin it comes into contact with. You can show the spectators how the coin transforms back from a 50p coin to a chinese coin when touched by a chinese coin.

Finally you take both chinese coins into your hand and toss in the remaining 50p coin. When your hand is opened ALL THREE HAVE BECOME 50p COINS!

The Ninja Coin Set allows magicians to transform a Chinese coin into a 50p coin instantly and without sleight of hand! It seems totally impossible as the two coins are so radically different in size, shape, and colour!

No Sleight of Hand Required

Includes full easy to follow instructions PLUS techniques to transform the coin into other coin values!

After transforming the Ninja Coin into a 50p coin, you ask the spectator to name ANY value UK coin for the Ninja Coin to copy. Lets say the spectator chooses a 10p coin. You take a 10p coin from your pocket and rub it against the Ninja Coin. Instantly the coin changes from a 50p into a 10p coin! Both coins are handed out for examination! (this routine requires some super simple sleight of hand which is taught in detail!


The Ninja Coins Full Set UK



Want to take your coin work further with the Ninja Coin Set?

You can do so much with the Ninja Coins Set. This expanded set of coins comes with the NINJA COINS PROJECT training video download. Dominic Reyes has been performing the Ninja Coins professionally for over a decade. He's been developing, expanding, and refining the commercial quality coin work possible with the set... It's all taught in the included training video: The Ninja Coins Project.





Quick, snappy, visual coin magic


We will start you off with a quick run through of the set and the principles of magic that will be taught to you. Then, you will be given the the core easy switches and passes used for more advanced Ninja Coin routines. No previous knowledge of coin magic is required.

Once you have those skills, we then teach you a range of effects and presentations for the set including:

The Basic Routine

Ninja Plus

Ninja Coin Transpo

Ninja Coin Thru The Table

Ninja Coin Under Watch

Visual Ninja

Upping The Value

Ninja Coin Transpo

Ninja Kickback


 Ninja Coin Sleights Tuition



We have designed The Ninja Coin to be suitable for all skill levels. For the first routine described above, the Ninja Coin Set does all the hard work for you. If you can hold three coins in your hand, you can perform this amazing effect. Perfect for all ability levels. We have included a training video with expanded methods to allow the coin to transform into other coin values, transform, change, jump, and even end up under your spectators watch. However, some very basic sleight of hand is required to perform this.

Yes! You use the your own special set of Ninja Coins, then borrow a 50p coin from a spectator and let the ninja coin copy it!

That's only limited by your imagination. Since launching this item we have received great feedback from magicians worldwide who are coming up with new and exciting ways to use the coins within their own coin routines.

Although you will have some limitations, with the correct handling and a little audience control, it's very easy to have a ninja coin copy the spectators 50p coin in their own hands (that's how we demonstrate the effect here at the magic shop)

Yes! The Ninja Coins instantly transforms back to Chinese coins when required, so you are reset in seconds!

It's perfect for that setting! The effect can be performed in your hands or can be set for use on any surface.

Manufacturer Merchant of Magic
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Review Review by James Partridge
Satisfaction 100%
I used this in one of my first performances and it's the trick my friends all love to see. It's so simple but it's amazing. It's very visual and will delight even the most skepitcal people!!! 5 stars from me. It's worth every penny!

(Posted on 12/11/2015)

Review Review by Paul McCaig
Satisfaction 100%
This is such an amazingly deceptive close-up effect. Although the principle may be known to some performers, the shape change is a beautiful touch.
It comes with two nice routines to get you started but opens up endless possibilities for more advanced Coin Magic. Five stars from me.

(Posted on 06/11/2015)

Review Review by Andrew Theobald
Satisfaction 100%
I performed this at my local magic society and it met with fine approval. Also to a lay audience it went down very well. Especially when I repeated it a second time. It is very easy to master the routine and flows very well.

Andy Theobald

(Posted on 27/10/2015)

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