Crystal Vision (Jumbo Card Size)

Crystal Vision (Jumbo Card Size)

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Crysla Vision Advanced Concept

You are supplied with the special gimmick that can be used in MANY ways. Even though the prediction is in a sealed envelope, you can influence the prediction at a moments notice, without opening the envelope and it can be done right under the spectator's nose.

Crystal Vision - Visual Magic

Predictions are only limited by the size of the laminated card and your imagination.

Once the image appears on the Crystal it can be handed out to the spectators. They will not be able to rub, smudge or press the image away!

This gimmick can be used in other applications such as secretly gaining or passing information from an assistant to the performer; spirit slate writing, pre-show work and more. This gimmick is very versatile and with a little thought, will become a strong hidden assistant in your arsenal of secret weapons.

Crystal Vision - Visual Magic

Comes complete with instructions and everything needed to perform immediately. Available in two sizes: Jumbo card size and Poker card size. Both sizes are great for close-up, stand-up, walk-around and impromptu effects.

We thank our good friend, Pieras Fitikides for this utility device.


"Fantastic! I picked up a crystal vision from Dominic at the convention last weekend. I was blown away by the demonstration, and have to say, it's everything it promises to be and more."- Ian Mathews.


"Crystal Vision opens many new doors for the creative mentalist. It is practical, deceptive and makes performing sealed predictions a breeze. Two thumbs up!" -Thomas Baxter


"Pieras' Crystal Vision is a tremendous contribution to Mentalism with a lot of potential. It is a breakthrough in prediction making where the prediction-any word, number, card. symbol, etc. named by a spectator- is shown printed on a laminated card, sealed inside an envelope. Crystal Vision will certainly be a mental hit. Absolutely brilliant." -Lennert Green


"I received my Crystal Vision yesterday (as always - excellent service from the guys at Magicshop), and all I can say is wow!

This is exactly what I have been after for a long long time.

Imagine this. You hand a sealed envelope to your spectator. It is a normal envelope wnd can be fully examined. You ask the spectator to hold the envelope between their hands and imagine a number between 1 and 1000 (this thought can be anything really - a name, a shape, a card - its up to your own imagination). With the envelope still held between their hands they say what their thought of number is. The envelope is turned over and on the back is written `My Lucky Number`. The spectator themselves open the envelope, and remove the card within. On the card, which is laminated, is written their number! You are left clean. All is examinable. Reset? Practcally none. Takes two seconds.

This is just a quick idea off the top of my head, using the Crystal Vision in its most simple form, but the potential for this is huge. The laminated written prediction could be in a nest of envelopes, or in a wallet or anything really! To the spectator the writing, number, image or whatever you choose is actually written on the card, which is laminated. This is good stuff!

As you can tell, I'm rather happy with my Crystal vision card - (does it show?). I purchased the Poker size card, but I am now considering the Jumbo size card -because the possibilities with this principle really are endless if you put your mind to it.

If you already do a lot of stage or close up mentalism this will replace many of your current techniques I assure you. You wont be dissapointed.

Ive only had this a day, but I know I will never leave home without it now!

Hey Dominic - any plans for a book of routines - applications and ideas in the pipeline? I do hope so!!!!!!

Again, excellent service guys - and thanks for your help and advice! -P Knight UK


"To me the best think about Crystal Vision is that the possibilities are unlimited. I keep thinking of one idea after another and that is exciting. My sincere thanks to Pieras Fitikides." - BERMINI

Crystal Vision

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