WILD BILL (Use Any Note)

WILD BILL (Use Any Note)

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Will Bill

A bank note is borrowed from a spectator (any value, any currency) The note is placed on the magicians hand and suddenly will start to move! It will slowly start spinning in any direction you choose and will stop at your command. The note is then given back to the spectator.

Will Bill- self Working Magic

Using only one hand, The gimmick is made of copper and brass, no threads or pulls, and it will last forever! You can also make other items spin in the same way, like a playing card, business cards or even a coin!


Difficulty level 1 (Basic sleights/self working)


'GREAT TRICK! Really effective and does exactly what it says on the tim!' - Simon Hanson

'I have been doing a version of this routine for a few years now, but my own method uses batteries and a whole load of set up. Wild Bill has removed all the setup, and 'extra work' from the method. I'm gutted that I did not think of this myself!' - Carl Steadman

'No threads, magnets or other similar things need apply. This is a gimmick, and a very straightforward and easy to use one too...'
'If you build up the strangeness, and the whole drama of the effect, its an absolute joy...' - abraxus (Talk Magic Forums)

' I was performing in a bar the other night, and did haunted deck and they asked if it works with anything. So I asked for a £20 note, showed them WILD BILL and had them bouncing off the walls, with my telekenetic powers! I thoroughly recommend this effect!'
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