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Hercules Coin Bender - By Jimmy Strange

Hercules Coin Bender - By Jimmy Strange

Product Review (submitted on 21 September 2016):


Hercules By Jimmy Strange!

It can bend pretty much any coins, even multiple coins, and the impossible looking pound coin.

What do I think of it? BRILLIANT. This effect is utter genius. I don't think I'm exposing anything by saying the gimmicks used are disguised as a pack of gum and a lighter. You will have to go out to the shop to purchase a pack of gum and customise your gimmick but that won't take any effort at all.

Ben Mo Fo Williams goes through some great handlings on the video (Which is online and not a DVD so congrats on being environmentally friendly) of using different coins and presentations, completely justifying the objects you're holding which will draw NO HEAT WHATSOEVER!

The fact that one of the gimmicks is disguised as a working lighter means you can use it to apparently heat up the coin in the specs hand and cause it to melt. Something i'll definitely be doing. The gum is justified and depending on your presentation can either be part of the routine or it can be a very casual thing where you offer a couple of sticks out to the audience.

Now to the coin bending difficulty with UK coins from piss easy to hard.

1p: easy
5p: easy
2p: easy
Steel 10p: easy (making the older 10ps even more easy)
20p: easy
50p: easy

£2 will just pop the centre out from my understanding so its probably best to not go there.

No joke these coins will bend with no effort at all.

Now the £1 coin in my hands was difficult to bend. But I'm a super skinny guy. I mean really skinny. I did manage to bend one slightly but in my opinion I think someone with more muscle would be better suited to be bending £1 coins. My main hopes was that it would bend the steel coins easily and it does that with flying colours. Extremely happy with that advantage because then I don't have to be awkward with the coins I'm given that I would not have been able to bend with Coinvexed or Quantum bender.

Why a £1 coin? To all magicians wondering, this is not called the £1 coin bender. It just gives you the advantage of doing it if you really want to. When I'm strong enough I may definitely use the £1 from time to time because it would fry someone.

Now there is an option to use a pull on the video and they provide necessary material for you to make this. I personally won't be using this because i don't really like the idea, but who knows some of you may love it!

Compared to Quantum bender and Coinvexed, this really does bend coins like butter. And its small enough and justified to use both in professional settings (Weddings, etc) to casual settings (Out with friends etc,). No doubt some of you would prefer to use coinvexed which is what most guys out there use, including my self (Although it will be hercules now) as its just a few coins and a sharpie. But the fact that you can now borrow any coin now has really changed the game.

Ill be using this in my YouTube series videos extremely soon so keep an eye out for them @saavanstreet #ShamelessPlug #NotAnAdvertisement ;)

So to sum up:

- Bends pretty much any coin
- Justification for objects is there
- Can be presented as Magic or Mentalism.
- Currently the cheapest coin bender out there I think.

- £1 coin / Thick coins may depend on strength
- Wrapper on gum gimmick may need the occasional change (Although this is NOT really a con, just something to keep in mind)

One more thing Id like to point out. The lighter that is included in the attachment is SWAN brand. I think it would be better to use a clipper lighter however this does not fit inside. If you get a clipper lighter you can easily cut off some of the plastic material on the side and fit it into the gimmick, which is what I will be doing to mine.

Teaching: 10/10
Gimmick: 10/10
Everything 10/10

Highly recommended!