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Whiplash by Josh Janousky

Whiplash by Josh Janousky

Product Review (submitted on 19 January 2017):
So simple yet amazingly effective. Suitable for pretty much any skill level and delivers a professional level effect - beginners may require a little bit of practice but you will pick it up quickly. The gimmick is durable* but made using a maiden deck rather than rider back, this won't affect many people as they look incredibly similar.

*Depends on how heavy handed/fingered you are as to the gimmicks lifespan before repair

The video is about 90 minutes long with very descriptive details and actions showing you how to use the gimmick effectively. The video also includes a guide on how to make your own customised gimmick along with how to repair them should it/they ever break.

Once you are bored of the routines included in the video (of which there are plenty!) then there is a Facebook group you can join where people are showcasing new and inventive ways to use Whiplash.

A great buy and a very reasonable price considering the content of the video. A solid 9/10