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Whiplash by Josh Janousky

Whiplash by Josh Janousky

Product Review (submitted on 24 January 2017):
I have some mixed feelings about this product. The instructional video is a little over an hour and a half and very in depth. It contains routines, subtleties and a DIY tutorial to create/customise your own gimmick. The Gimmick is nothing revolutionary however In my opinion, the DIY section makes the product worth the investment.

This type of gimmick really owes itself to visual changes and vanishes that pass by specs even in close up situations. The DIY section will give you the knowledge to create allot of further effects tailored to you and i have allot of ideas already. I imagine a creative type could create allot of Shim Lim esc effects with this Gimmick/Knowledge for example.

The reason I have mixed feelings on the product is the tutorial video the gimmick is treated as a utility rather than a vanish and focuses allot on routines that would not require this type of gimmick and in-fact, detracts from the usual method. For example in one instance instead of doing a standard double lift in a 3 card monte routine, we are taught to use the gimmick to give a false display of cards. Usually a very clean trick suddenly becomes very dirty and a clean up is required. The other thing I wasn't so sure on was the fact the gimmick does not pass as a standard playing card and in an open display the Gimmick always appears as multiple cards. There are a few effects taught which utilise this and i just find it unconvincing.

Overall though a brilliant little buy. I would recommend for it's visual possibilities and in particular the options available to you once you learn how to create it. I would say the utility nature which is taught in the video should be missed however. Visual Vanishes is where this gem shines.