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Royal Road to Card Magic (Complete 5 Disc Set)

Royal Road to Card Magic (Complete 5 Disc Set)

Product Review (submitted on 2 October 2015):
I picked up the royal road when i started, and found it interesting, but hard reading, i only got a few part down properly before it faded to the back of my mind (I was also trying to convince myself i was better than i am by reading Hugard and Braue's Advanced book - which is brilliant - it's even better once you understand whats on this DVD)

5 Disks, i'd suggest picking up the book too although not a requirement.

Without a doubt, the best DVD i've picked up.

R. Paul Wilson takes each stage, and updates what is an old book, into a wonderful learning of moves and tricks. I've watched each disk several times learning and re-learning. simple flourishes i couldn't do, i now can. and because i can hold the simpler moves i'm now looking at "weapons of a card shark" and realising how much easier it is.

the tricks are as good as any you'll pull out in a bar or for mates.

The Royal Road was always a great book, but this steps it up a gear and makes you realise that if you take on the basics and win, you're laughing all the way up.

I try not to buy so many individual "packet" tricks now, and this should show everyone why.

I can't rate this highly enough.

buy a box o' card, this dvd and start your education.