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Mystery Box (July 2020 Edition)

Mystery Box (July 2020 Edition)

Product Review (submitted on 22 September 2017):
I have made stage magic my specialised area in magic for many years but have often found this leaves me in the awkward situation of when I tell people I'm a magician I am showing them a YouTube video rather than perming a trick for them.

Lately I have been honing and building on my range of closeup magic, I wanted to find something other than card magic. Whilst scrolling through the site I came across the mystery package and I thought why not!

The mystery package I knew would likely be closeup magic and I thought the mystery element of it would make me more likely to try out more in closeup with what was delivered in the package.

The package arrived and it was like opening a Christmas present. Admittedly I am not aware of current trending closeup magic but what I received is was very happy with, although one thing I won't use and will probably give to another magician friend. I received around £70 of stuff: 2 dvds and a trick using a gimmicked prop. Within a week I was already experimenting, with an audience, with the things I had received. Not my usual kind of magic but I think the mystery package is definitely worth the gamble (although I don't think it's a gamble if you do it for the fun) and if you want to try something new but don't know where to start.

Overall. It's fun, exciting and opens opportunities to try new avenues you wouldn't normally have. I WILL DEFINITELY BE GETTING THIS AGAIN!