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Flash Paper - Pro Quality White

Flash Paper - Pro Quality White

Product Review (submitted on 15 January 2016):
I know it is only flash paper and we all know what it does,
however purchased a few weeks ago for the BOB SWADLING KRISTAL CARD STAB.

Wrapped up the deck with a sheet and performed it for my daughter and her boyfriend, having not had a practise session
before did not really know what too expect, nearly scared me to
death even though I could not show it, and my daughter and boyfriend visibly jumped and to honest it was a fantastic
sight. Those familiar with the effect will know what I mean as no one nows that the cards on the dagger will ignite due to
the gimmicked dagger,

Fantastic stuff and I agree it is top quality and will not tear
or rip when folding of cutting to shape.

Alan Lycett