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Product Review (submitted on 3 March 2020):
I’m not really a ‘card tricks’ person but I was intrigued to learn the method because I thought that it could be adapted / customised for other effects – and I’m very pleased to say that it can.

I’ve used the effect / routine, as purchased, a good few times now and it is a real baffler. A really strong effect which goes down a bomb. My son goes to the cinema every week – he’s seen all the movies – and this ‘trick’ blew his socks off.

However, The video doesn’t show the lead in to the second ‘Prediction’. If someone sussed the method it would completely ruin the impact of the first phase. Then again, I tried in on my son and it couldn’t have gone better because the card that I laid down was his favourite film. He stopped me right there and he was speechless when I showed him my prediction.

The ‘download’ contains an additional element to the first phase which is just brilliant and equally baffling. Great for close-up because you can then involve another spectator. For me, this is better than the ‘Prediction’ but ‘you pays your money and you take your choice’. And it’s money well spent whichever choice you make.