Mystery Package review by Carl
Mystery Package


disappointed , old adage don't gamble if not prepared to lose, nothing to suit me

(Posted on 24/02/2017)

Sucker Punch - (Complete Poker Chip Tricks Set + Online Video Training) review by ken reader
Sucker Punch - (Complete Poker Chip Tricks Set + Online Video Training)

At last,a piece of MAGIC kit that you WILL use.

Possibly one of the best value for money effects for some time. No build-it -yourself-Kit,just a complete Beautifully made set of poker chips which you can use straight out of the box with infinite possibilities.You will be dazzling your friends (and yourself) in minutes. Brilliant for professionals or beginners alike as no sleights needed.
Don't just sit there.....GO OUT AND BUY I ! You WILL use it .More value for money effects like this are needed in this overpriced world of Magic.

(Posted on 23/02/2017)

Cube 3 - Rubix Cube Magic review by Ben
Cube 3 - Rubix Cube Magic

Really, really good

This is great! Learning the skill is a huge benefit and there is always the chance that a spectator can solve the cube - adding further validity to it!

(Posted on 22/02/2017)

The Gift - By Angelo Carbone (Black) review by TIM
The Gift - By Angelo Carbone (Black)

The gift. Pure genius

Let me say from the start that I've never felt compelled to write a review for any product before despite having bought hundreds of tricks. But this one is different. This is quite simply a piece of genius. I did hesitate at the price and thought myself "this had better be good". It is better than good. The method is so clever and lends itself to many possible presentations. I've settled on one method and it seems to be going down very well. It's easy to perform and made of good quality materials. I can't recommend it highly enough

(Posted on 22/02/2017)

Bicycle Playing Cards (Gold Standard) - RED BACK by Richard Turner - Trick review by Matra
Bicycle Playing Cards (Gold Standard) - RED BACK  by Richard Turner - Trick

Quality out of the box

I have to echo one of the other reviews on here... the feel from the cards out of the box is instantly noticeable compared to a standard deck. I opened a new standard deck at the same time for comparison and I MUCH prefer these. I'm only a 'hobbyist' magician and do not perform professionally and it made so many moves so much easier, the tiniest breaks can be found with ease and they feel like a much more expensive deck of cards.

The box is the 'old' rider back design which allows compatibility for some 'older' gimmicks too. Cold Case, Red Pill etc all use the old design case (they can be customised if you're craft-y but who'd do that when you don't have to?)

I'd highly recommend the extra money over standard decks and if I need anymore bicycles I will be using these! My only gripe is I like to remove all of the labels to make the box look 'clean' and the gold standard label is a bit of a pig to get off without applying some heat first

(Posted on 22/02/2017)

Insight - RED (Cards and DVD) by Peter Eggink - DVD review by Matra
Insight - RED (Cards and DVD) by Peter Eggink - DVD

Blissfully simple

Opening the DVD case is a bit of a fright as there is a bag of 'some assembly required' bits though after watching the DVD you don't actually have to make anything, you can (and you should) follow the ideas on the DVD but I found a way to not require the elastic pretty quickly.

It's a very simple, but clever, trick and easy to do after a few practices. You will find there are a few ways of performing it but the most basic/simple method is taught in the video.

The DVD is nicely split into chapters, though the production values aren't that great and the sound mastering is just awful - but you can still watch/listen to it without any issues.

The product on it's own is a sold 5/5

(Posted on 22/02/2017)

Red Pill (DVD and Gimmick) by Chris Ramsay review by Matra
Red Pill (DVD and Gimmick) by Chris Ramsay

What an effect!

This is one outstanding trick that I had to buy after not being able to work it out from the commercial. You don't NEED the gimmick though it does help those who aren't very 'craft orientated'. The gimmick is based on the old rider back design so you either need to find some old boxes, make a more modern one, or buy the 'Gold Standard' deck.

It does require a LOT of patience to create and practice all the elements required but oh boy is it worth it when you do! The only real downside that I can find is that the DVD is simply a 90 minute single video. 'Chapters' just take you to a time, pressing next track to view the next chapter ends the video.

I suppose cost of the effect could be considered too as it does require the use of an entire new deck of cards, repeating this trick often will be costly for a hobbyist. If you are also not competent with basic crafting tools like a (sharp) knife and cutting mat then I'd suggest not getting this as it does require a good 20-30 minutes to setup for the first time, if you do it enough I reckon the time would get down to about 5-10 minutes

Instructions are included on how to make everything you NEED but if you want to customise for different decks then it's pretty easy to see how that's done too.

Easily a 5 star product and well worth the price

(Posted on 22/02/2017)

Visions by Matthew Wright review by Tom W
Visions by Matthew Wright

Visions By Mattew Wright Review

I recently picked this up at The Blackpool Magic convention and am super happy with it. This effect is extremely easy to accomplish and requires no memory work at all (If you can use your memory it does make the effect easier, but you get the same result either way), just a couple of simple card techniques that you should know anyway. But if you don't guess what, Matthew also teaches those too. His instructions are clear and easy to follow which made this video pleasant to watch.

For those who were wondering, with the deck you get the pictures are pre-drawn, but Matthew has purposely left a few cards without drawings so that you can add your own.

This effect is guaranteed to "play big" I know when Matthew performed it to me I was completely fooled! Do yourself a favour and pick this up.

(Posted on 21/02/2017)

Wonder Blocks by Royal Magic - Trick review by Barry
Wonder Blocks by Royal Magic - Trick

Great little pocket trick.

I love this trick. There are two handlings one easy and the other not so easy if you don't know how to palm properly. The effect is quite stunning I even fooled myself the first couple of times. I only gave 4 stars as I didn't think the instructions were that good. They are enough to get you started but they are a little vague but you will still be able to work it out from the instruction sheet. There is a youtube performance of the trick and once you get the basics of the trick you'll find the youtube clip very helpful The Don't be put off by the low price or the fact that the props are plastic. This is an excellent trick and the fact that the props are plastic make it more magical in my opinion.

(Posted on 21/02/2017)

Split (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Yves Doumergue review by JJ
Split (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Yves Doumergue


Awesome,and yeah you have to destroy your own bill ,but it's ok ,great trick and it really reset in few seconds..It really blow minds ,i highly recomend this!

(Posted on 18/02/2017)

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