SLIDE By Paul Harris Presents review by Andus Mcabu
SLIDE By Paul Harris Presents
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Great gimmick. Very clever idea.

It's a simple but clever concept and very effective. The gimmick itself is nice and easy to put together. The main thing to get used to is the angles you work and the presentation. As long as you're face to face with the spectators, you can't go wrong. The DVD is full of information on how to use it so just practice a lot until you get it spot on.

(Posted on 02/09/2018)

Books of Wonder (Vol 1 & 2 Set) By Tommy Wonder review by Cardman
Books of Wonder (Vol 1 & 2 Set) By Tommy Wonder
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Excellent material.

You will get from this book what you put into it. If you are curious you will get a lot.

(Posted on 01/09/2018)

Cheese Smile review by Greggett
Cheese Smile
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Very good easy trick to do especially as I am not an expert in Sleight of hand but I found this trick easy to perform. Word of warning though before doing the trick check background light would not recommend doing in dark places make sure there is ample light source. Overall great trick as I love tricks involving modern technology.

(Posted on 01/09/2018)

World Tour: China Playing Cards review by EndersGame
World Tour: China Playing Cards
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A novelty deck where all the cards fit together like a puzzle

The China deck is part of the lavish "World Tour Set", a collection of five decks that celebrate exotic locations around the world, each deck representing the culture of a different country.

The tuck box looks like some ancient manuscript we might expect to find in Asia, and even though Westerners like me have no clue what the characters on it mean, they leave us with no doubt about which part of the world this has come from!

Our uncertainty and confusion doesn't disappear once we start exploring the contents inside the box, because what confronts us here is somewhat of a puzzle, and certainly something that we see very little of in the playing card industry: all the card backs are different! They have swirls of black on a plain white background, and despite the minimalist colour scheme, at first we struggle to put the pieces together of what is going on here. But wait ... that's it: put the pieces together! See, if you stay in a foreign country long enough, eventually you get to learn the language, and the strange gradually becomes familiar. The challenge here is to piece together all the cards, which can be arranged adjacently in a 6 x 9 pattern like a puzzle, and they'll produce a single image that has some more Chinese characters for us.

Fortunately an interpreter is close at hand in this mysterious world. In lieu of one of the Jokers, a card is provided that will help us translate this confusing collection of pieces into a single whole, if we follow its instructions carefully and successfully `translate' our individual puzzle pieces into a single whole. The face cards all have indices, in which an unadorned and plain font and pips do give each card a recognizable identity, in orange and silver colours. But the real feature of these faces is that they, too, can be arranged like a puzzle into a single image. While unusual, this is certainly a memorable deck that is sure to make an impression on people due to its uniqueness, and is a true novelty item. - BGG reviewer EndersGame

(Posted on 31/08/2018)

World Tour: Mongolian Playing Cards review by EndersGame
World Tour: Mongolian Playing Cards
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The most practical deck in the World Tour series

The Mongolia deck is part of the lavish "World Tour Set", a collection of five decks that celebrate exotic locations around the world, each deck representing the culture of a different country.

The tuck box of this deck immediately confronts us with the memorable ochre that many of us associate with Mongolia - many Mongolians love the colour orange, and it occupies a dominant place here. The tuck box leaves us in no uncertainty where we are, with the faux origin being credited as "Mongolia Card and Paper Co, Established 1886". The unique design on the tuck box almost has a floral feel to it. The design on the card backs shares some common elements with this, but has its own shape and pattern, suggesting simplicity combined with style.

The court cards will look immediately familiar, with the shape of our characters being clearly taken straight from traditional courts - the only difference is that they are dressed in orange and brown. Even in strange lands, beneath the unfamiliar clothing of the local inhabitants, are people that are still very much human like us! The Hearts and Diamonds all use orange pips, while the spades and clubs have a dark brown. The dark brown also makes an ideal choice for our mono-coloured Jokers, both of which depict the Yak, a close relative of buffalo and bison, and a creature we are almost certain to see during a Mongolian visit.

The Mongolia deck is easily the most practical and versatile deck in the series. - BGG reviewer EndersGame

(Posted on 31/08/2018)

World Tour: France Playing Cards review by BGG reviewer EndersGame
World Tour: France Playing Cards
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A very French deck - part of the World Tour set

The France deck is part of the lavish "World Tour Set", a collection of five decks that celebrate exotic locations around the world, each deck representing the culture of a different country.

The tuck box looks exquisite, and the touches of gold and silver produced by foil accents adds real style and beauty to the art deco design - an appropriate choice given the French origins of this art movement. In keeping with this theme, the side of the tuck box reads "Design Unique - Fabrique en France". Pale green also adorns the inside of the tuck box, and brings to mind the colour of vegetation and foliage. So it is no surprise to see the card backs covered an attractive water lily design, complete with soft pink/purple flowers. Even though it is a one-way design, it looks lovely in fans and spreads.

The green and pink/purple are also the two main colours of the card faces, corresponding to the traditionally black and red suits that make up a deck. The court cards have a truly retro look that matches the theme and location well, and seem to be inspired by the designs and style I've seen on older and classic French decks. As we'd expect, the pips are completely custom, and have been designed to match the overall "old-world" feel of the deck. To round out the deck, two matching jokers both feature a floral theme that complements the card backs beautifully.

The France deck makes a fine beginning to our world tour travels, and truly evokes something of a turn-of-the century set of playing cards that captures a very French style. - BGG reviewer EndersGame

(Posted on 31/08/2018)

Limited World Tour: Deluxe Set (5 Decks, Compass and Case) review by BGG reviewer EndersGame
Limited World Tour: Deluxe Set (5 Decks, Compass and Case)
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Perfect set of five decks for the collector

The World Tour Set of playing cards is a lavish collection of five decks that celebrate exotic places around the world. If you are prepared to drop a wad of cash to get the official and complete World Tour Deck Set, you'll even get a miniature travel trunk which houses all five decks. It's a lovely piece of creativity that enhances the thematic concept behind this collection of decks, and even comes with some separate decals corresponding to the exotic lands that these cards have visited on their way to reach you, the collector.

These decks aren't just a set of playing cards, but they tell a story. The premise behind them is that Ezra the Great is travelling the world, performing his show in 1902. Along the way, Ezra buys decks of cards, which he sends to us. So the suitcase which holds the five decks also includes a compass, plus reproduction letters from 1902 that commemorate where each deck came from. Apparently the collectible pieces that are part of this set were manufactured all over the world, to help give it an authentic international flavour.

Each of the five decks corresponds to a different country: France, Switzerland, Mongolia, China, and Egypt. Each deck is also available individually, and has been cleverly crafted with artwork and a design that reflects different elements of the lands, cultures, and time period that they come from. One nice thing about all five decks is that when you place them alongside each other, they create a map of the world which includes all the above-mentioned countries.

I'm very impressed with the World Tour Set. It's hard to pick a favourite deck, although I find myself particularly drawn to the Egypt deck, due to its colours, patterned card backs, and Egyptian themed court cards. The France deck is a close second, due to its unique beauty and appeal. The China deck stands out as a rather unusual entry in the series, especially since its back designs make it mostly unsuitable for use in playing card games or performing card magic, so it seems more geared as a novelty item for the collector. In contrast, the Mongolia deck has a much more standard look, and along with the France deck is probably one of the ones that is the most ideal for practical use; although the Egypt and Switzerland decks have their unique beauty and appeal as well.

Another classy product to the playing card industry, and I look forward to see what they come up with next! - BGG reviewer EndersGame

(Posted on 31/08/2018)

Poker Size Rainbow Deck by Merchant of Magic review by William
Poker Size Rainbow Deck by Merchant of Magic
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Really self-working and effective

This trick can be learned in just a matter of minutes as it is so self-working and people will have no clue how you did it. Absolutely amazing trick, really good to just always have with you. Finally at the end of the trick the spectator can also fully examine the deck.

(Posted on 31/08/2018)

Blank Face Bicycle Cards (Red) review by Mark
Blank Face Bicycle Cards (Red)
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Good quality

Cheap & good quality, what more could you ask for.

(Posted on 31/08/2018)

Bicycle Strigiformes Owl Playing Cards review by BGG reviewer EndersGame
Bicycle Strigiformes Owl Playing Cards
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One of the most stunning custom decks I've seen recently!

Given the legacy of the owl as a wise old bird, choosing the Strigiformes Owl deck certainly has wisdom associated with it! Strigiformes is the scientific name for the order that solitary and nocturnal birds like owls belong to. This deck was produced as a collaborative project between artist Renee LeCompte and playing card publisher Will Roya, who is now an experienced Kickstarter creator, and has a growing record of fulfilling projects speedily. The fact that this project was generously crowdfunded by more than 200% of its goal is an indicator of its appeal.

Wow, is this ever an amazing deck! The artwork has just the right colour combinations to give a real nocturnal feel, with dark colours. That's immediately evident with the tuck box, which confronts us with a gorgeous owl with outstretched wings, and has an individually numbered seal that the collector will appreciate.

The artwork on the cards is incredible, starting with the card backs, which have a starry and dark night-sky background filled with a carefully designed symmetrical pattern constructed from detailed owl related images like eyes and feathers. The Aces are all unique, featuring a full one-way image of an owl, asymmetrically counter-balanced by an intricate and exquisite design that features the suit of the card in a frosted white.

I'm especially smitten with the court cards, each of which features a different owl. Close observation will also reveal how imagery from the Tarot has been incorporated, with the owls on Spades holding Swords, Diamonds holding Pentacles (Disks), Clubs holding Wands (Staves), and Hearts holding Cups (Chalices). It's not just the artwork here that it stunning, but it is accompanied with a gorgeous graphic design that fits perfectly with the overall style of the deck. The narrow borders are on target, and help enhance the stylish feel.

But the number cards are great too, with highly customized pips, and intricate and ornate detail. Notice also how there are ornate versions of the suit pips on both left and right borders, which adds elegance and style, making this deck really stand out from the mediocre offerings sometimes appearing on the market these days. For extra effect, the suit pips also appear throughout the cards as dark shadows, although you'll only notice this if you look very carefully. Beside the 13 cards in all four suits, we also get two mischievous jokers. And for our magic loving friends, there's two gaff cards: a bonus Joker with a reveal, and a novelty 21 of Spades with artwork depicting an owl skeleton.

With USPCC printing, handling is good as well. This deck is far from standard, but as a novelty or custom deck, it's one of my recent favourites. Highly recommended! - BGG reviewer EndersGame

(Posted on 28/08/2018)

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