Christmas Box Set Deal 2019 - The Self Working Card Tricks
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Christmas Box Set Deal 2019 - The Self Working Card Tricks

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This years Christmas Box Set Deal gives you over £110 worth of goodies!

Worth Over £110


Each year Merchant of Magic releases a massive deal for Christmas. This year it's our BEST EVER... We are focusing on Self Working Card Tricks anyone can do!

The Christmas box set deal features ALL 3 Volumes of the worldwide best seller card magic DVD series Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks worth £30 each.. On top of that, we have thrown in an extra 4th DVD full of more magic to complete the collection. If that wasn't enough.. The set includes Out of Sleight on DVD worth over £20 and topped off with a collectable Karnival Fatal deck of cards so you have everything you need to start performing these easy to do, amazing card tricks. 


Lets take a close look at what's included in this years box set deal:


The Ultimate Self Working Card Trick series has been commercially and critically acclaimed, and in our opinion, is one of the very best sets of DVDs ever produced. It compiles together some of the worlds greatest card tricks, that just so happen to require NO SKILL or moves!



 Volume 1

Now if you're anything like us, you have some DVDs or books on this topic already. And you took them home and excitedly delved into the material only to find it was jam packed with horrendous mathematical procedure and tricks so well known that your Granny learnt them off the back of a box of cereal!

This DVD is NOTHING LIKE THAT. Bigblindmedia have sourced eleven of the greatest card tricks ever invented. Magical effects that will simply SLAY audiences. And each of these tricks just so HAPPENS to be self working. That's the key. These tricks are easy enough for a beginner, but STRONG ENOUGH FOR A WORKING PRO!!! And, even better, a lot of this material is very little known.

There are tricks you can do when a friend hands you half a dog-eared deck... and there are tricks that you can perform for a large group that will knock people's socks through their eyeballs.

You often hear magicians say that one of the tricks on their newly purchased DVD was worth the price of the project on it's own. Well, we firmly believe that these eleven tricks ALL fall into that category.

Presented by James Went (host of CBBC's 'Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic'), Liam Montier, Iain Moran and Owen Packard, the DVD contains tips & thoughts on how to present these routines, as well as a bonus section of some great false cuts if you want tyo take your magic to the next level. (You don't have to use these. These routines are all 100% sleight free!).

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks - your magic will never be the same again!

Eleven of the GREATEST self working card tricks ever invented:

Contact Colors (Aldo Colombini)
Impossible (Mike Austin)
Shuffling Lesson (Chad Long)
Henry Sugar (Liam Montier)
Pre-Prefiguration (Larry Jennings / Mark Elsdon)
Your Aces Are Marked (Terry Lagerould)
Shufflebored (Simon Aronson)
The 7/16 Club (Alex Elmsley)
Impossible (Larry Jennings)
4,5,6 (Al Thatcher)
Unbelievable (By Shields, F. Michael And Bascom Jones, Jr)

  • None of the material requires any skill.
  • Presented by star of the BBC hit magic show 'Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic', along with Liam Montier, Iain Moran & Owen Packard.
  • Interviews with TV personality Paul Zenon, as well as card flourisher Scott Thomson, and top magicians Iain Moran and Liam Montier.
  • High production values and excellent indepth teaching.


Volume 2

Featuring creations from some of the greatest minds in magic, Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol 2, is jam packed with incredible card tricks that require NO sleight of hand.

The nine stunning routines on offer prove that it's not HOW the trick is done - it's 100% about WHAT your audience perceives. None of these tricks require sleight of hand, but they are absolutely, mind fryingly awesome. Some of the methods are so devious that you'll fool yourself when you perform them.

From John Bannon's self working, instantly resetting packet trick 'Poker Pairadox' to Ryan Schlutz's three phase masterpiece 'Sense-sational' to Peter Duffie's ingenious 'Four Most' - these are tricks that you will perform again and again and again.

So grab a deck and join your hosts James Went (from the smash hit BBC show 'Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic'), Liam Montier, Iain Moran, Ryan Schlutz and Owen Packard, and prepare to learn some of the greatest card tricks ever invented.

1. Mind Mirror (Jack McMillan)
2. Convergence (Cameron Francis)
3. Stock Exchange (John Guasterferro)
4. Sense-sational (Ryan Schultz)
5. Poker Pairadox (John Bannon)
6. Four Most (Peter Duffie)
7. Password Fallacy (Jim Steinmeyer)
8. Amara Rises Again (Ryan Matney)
9. Blind Choice (Roy Walton)


Volume 3

Ten incredible self working card tricks. Zero moves. 100% awesome.

"In magic, today as always, the effect is what counts. The methods used are always purely secondary." Dai Vernon

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol3 collects together ten of the greatest card tricks of all time - routines that will absolutely decimate any audience. Yet despite their incredible impact, they do not require any sleight of hand. Yep, these barnstorming effects are SELF WORKING! Using ingenious methods that will allow you to fool absolutely anyone, they ensure that you can purely concentrate on your performance.

From Daryl's insanely visual 'Rising Card' to Sal Piacente's impossible multiphase card cheat demonstration 'Memory Opener' to Caleb Wile's magician fooling 'Armchair Mindreading', these are truly world class magic tricks.

Seriously these are NOT your run of the mill self working effects - these are some of the most powerful card tricks ever invented - they just happen to require no sleight of hand.

Prepare to fool the pants off your audience. And while they are busy reeling from the impact of these stunning effects, you will be able to have a little laugh inside about just how EASY to perform they were!

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 3 is hosted by James Went (from the Bafta winning hit BBC show 'Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic'), Liam Montier, Ryan Schlutz and Owen Packard.

Time to step in and get learning!

Armchair Mindreading (Caleb Wiles)
Self Control (Simon Aronson)
Rising Card (Daryl)
Memory Opener (Sal Piacente)
Casino Clock (David Solomon)
Quadruple MatchUp (Nick Trost)
The Stapled Card (John Scarne)
Devastation (Geoff Williams)
Impossible Divination (Larry Jennings)
The Red & The Blue (Alex Elmsley)





Employing both ingenious construction and the cleverest of devious methods, the material in 'Out Of Sleight' requires no sleight of hand skills, yet is utterly fooling. Using just some playing cards, a pen and a few business cards these ten routines will arm you with miracles! And with no worries about complicated sleight of hand, you can just concentrate on presenting your magic like a rockstar.



Cameron Francis, your genial host, will not only train you up in the required handling for each routine, he will also unleash performance advice and show you how to improve your magic.


So let's get OUT OF SLEIGHT!

Out Of This Packet
Sleightless Sightless
Find The Kings
Humming Words
Gemini Annihilator
Date Fate


Now you have all that expert tuition.. You need a high quality,

professional deck of cards to perform your magic...



Fatal Deck

With a stark and crisp black and white design, this highly stylized look was created by acclaimed French artist Sam Hayles at Dose Productions.

The incredible double exposure style is employed on an all new back design, Ace of Spades, two beautiful Jokers and a stunning tuck case. The deck also features a blank faced card, and a double backed card (for nefarious uses by magicians).

The Bicycle Karnival Fatal Deck has the USPCC world famous Air Flow Finish for superb handling and unparalleled durability, and is printed on a beautiful stock.


Xmas Box Deal 2019

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Featured Product No
An excellent collection of tricks Review by Matthew P
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 20%
Satisfaction 80%
I am new to card magic and haven't perfected my card handling. Despite this, I am able to wow my friends and co-workers with the tricks on this DVD. They are easy to learn and involve little to no actual skill. But they are so impressive and will befuddle any audience. The DVD is easy to follow and learn from. I highly recommend it.

(Posted on 19/11/2019)

Absolute Bargain! Review by Greg R. United Kingdom
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 20%
Satisfaction 100%
I bought this set to put my collection of playing cards to good use rather than leave them sat, unopened, in shoe boxes!

This was my first attempt at any card magic as I previously thought, mistakenly, that it takes months of sleight-of-hand practice. Great tricks, thoroughly explained, with lots of references to their origins and recommendations for further study.

I was learning a couple of tricks a day and my kids (8 & 11 years) absolutely loved them; I even taught them a couple of the easier tricks to amaze their friends.

I would recommend these volumes even at full price! It’s an absolute bargain!

(Posted on 19/11/2019)

Magic box set Review by Fern D
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 20%
Satisfaction 100%
I bought this for a Christmas present. It was requested by an 11 year old boy. Sounds like he will like it.

(Posted on 19/11/2019)

Great value set, excellent production, excellent tuition throughout. Review by Gary
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 20%
Satisfaction 100%
I had one of these dvds before but I bought it again in this great value set.

The production, setting, tuition and the background history is second to none. For your money you great value card tricks, I perform professionally and I thought I may find a trick to replace Shuffleboard that I perform in a parlour setting, after watching all three dvds there are a couple of card tricks I would consider changing into my current set.

Only minor gripe would be stay clear of the heavy dealing in mass piles etc card tricks, they are too long and have no justification in a card trick. I appreciate self working means almost zero sleights but the odd DL won't go a miss.

Keep it up guys. Cheers and thanks, Gary.

(Posted on 19/11/2019)

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