Spider Pen Pro - by Yigal Mesika

Spider Pen Pro - by Yigal Mesika

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"This raises the bar of levitation!"
- Richard Kaufman, Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine

"It's hard to imagine so much efficient ingenuity in such a small space. Yigal's Spider Pen Pro is absolute perfection. And it produces absolute miracles."
- Jim Steinmeyer
Eight years ago, the Spider Pen was released to the magic community and instantly gained the status of a classic magic device. It has been such a hit worldwide that, Yigal Mesika has taken another look at the reel and totally reworked it, to make it even better.
The Spider Pen Pro really is a unique magic device. It is the very first to include patented Soul Technology. This ground breaking technology lets you completely relax and forget about the method used to perform so many magic tricks. It gives you the ability to perform master levitations and animations with ease. It's now the gold standard in ITR reels.
Using Spider Pen Pro, to do levitations and animations looks as close to real magic as you will ever get. Nothing on the market even gets close.

"It's outstanding!"
- Finn Jon

You could be chatting with a friend and you simply ask to use ANY bank note. You are going to create an amazing levitation unlike anything they have ever seen before. You simply place the bank note between your hands. Then as your hands move apart, the borrowed bank note is floating. It flips in the air, and then the most astonishing part of all. You just walk away leaving it floating right in the air.
  You can make the bank note slowly fall on the floor, then at your total command, the bank note jumps up in a magicial flowing motion, right into your hand. If you could really do magic, this is exactly what you would do. Just look at an object on the floor and have it come, effortlessly to your fingers.

Used by TV by top magicians like Cyril, Criss Angel

 Yigal Mesika himself teaches you all the basics of levitation in detail. His tips and advice will raise your level of performance more than you ever thought possible. He doesn't hold back a thing, but openly passes on his best magic tricks, tips, and subtleties. It's just like having personal magic tuition from the works best ITR master.

You will be taught:
  • Zero Gravity Bill
  • Terry Lunceford's Floating Finger Ring
  • Floating Straw
  • Walking Bill
Yigal will also teach you the 'Spider Spool saving technique' and Yigal's ultimate method for locking IT in magicians wax.

Spider Pen Pro Features:
  • The first electronic reel without buttons or switches
  • Powered by an electric micro motor
  • No noise - completely silent
  • Uses one normal AAA battery that will last you easily over a year (one performance a day, battery not included.)
  • Walk up to 35 feet away from floating objects
  • Constant perfect even tension
  • No springs or rubber bands
  • Changing the spool is as easy as 1-2-3
  • Made of premium quality steel with a chrome finish.
  • Exchangeable pen clip - easily swap for another color
  • Locking Method- Levitate and animate even heavier objects
  • Comes with a DVD running approx. 60 minutes shot in HD.
  • The only Magic Device with 3 patents
Still have concerns?
  • The Spider Pen Pro is easy to master and always ready to go.
  • Unlike any other reel
  • You have nothing to hide.
  • Versatile
  • Perform sleeveless
  • No assistants necessary.
  • Perform completely surrounded!!!

Please note: The Spider Pen Pro looks just like a normal pen. However, it should be used as a magicians prop rather than a pen you use everyday. The pen is designed so you can write with it to prove it's a pen if you are ever challenged, but it is not suitable as an everyday writing instrument. 

"Yigal Mesika has done it again. The Spider Pen Pro will prove a boon to the art of levitation. Always ready. Always under your control. It's positively supernatural."


- Luis De Matos
"Yigal has taken an already, class leading magic device, and reworked it to build in the suggestions, additions and wishlists of magicians from around the world. It's a huge advance, and simply a gift to any magician wanting to do the impossible"
- Dominic Reyes
"Your methods for the Floating Bill are the best I've seen - they look like real live Hollywood special effects!"
- John Kennedy
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