Stealth Pen (DVD and PROPS) - By Oz Pearlman

Stealth Pen (DVD and PROPS) - By Oz Pearlman

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Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard)

Don't move on from this page until you have seen a demonstration of the stealth Pen!

Without doubt one of the most VISUAL and AMAZING magic tricks available today. You will be able to make this  happen INCHES from your spectators' eyes.

Borrow a £5 note.
Stab it with a pen. SLAM!
Everyone see's it.
Everyone hears it.
You just smacked a pen right through their bank note.

Make sure they see it up close, because next you will rip the pen out RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES. As this happens the hole completely vanishes. THE bank not IS INSTANTLY RESTORED.

  • No switches!
  • Use any bill!
  • Easy to perform!
We understand you if you can't believe a word of this. It sounds too stunning to be true. BUT WE WON'T UNDERSTAND  YOU IF YOU LEAVE THIS PAGE WITHOUT WATCHING THE DEMO!

Includes the Professional routine

The STEALTH PEN DVD (INCLUDED) will show you all of thetechniques and tips of using the STEALTH PEN. The DVD start sat the beginning and give you everything you need to know to start performing The STEALTH PEN.

As a bonus to the standard routine, this DVD also includes Oz Pearlman's very own Pen Through Note Through routine where the magician borrows a bank note and penetrates it twice! The first time the pen goes through the note. The second time the note vanishes and ends up inside the pen! The Pen Through Dollar Through is a centerpiece of Oz's professional repertoire, and it transforms the STEALTH PEN from a quick trick into a full routine.

Package includes DVD + 2 pens (1 of the classic pens and 1 of the new pens).
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Great trick. Highly recommend. Review by LittleMagician
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 20%
Satisfaction 80%
Everything you get is of great quality, the gimmick and also the DVD itself. Very visual and great for beginners and more advanced magicians. The gimmicks look plain and innocent but can work wonders. Oz Pearlman is a great teacher and explains everything in detail and even shows 3 different ways to perform the same trick; beginners; intermediate; advanced. Each is slightly harder than the one before it but also cleaner. He also explains his own full routine, Pen Through Dollar Through, which always gets great reactions.

(Posted on 02/04/2018)

Great Trick. Would Recommend to Beginners. Review by N
Satisfaction 100%
Its basically what it says on the packet. Took me 5 - 10 mins to learn and a day or two to master. I use it in a act of mine and would recommend for whoever wants to learn some relatively easy magic. Definite recommend.

(Posted on 26/01/2017)

Great Trick. Would Recommend to Beginners. Review by N
Satisfaction 100%
It is basically what it says on the packet. This trick took me about 5 - 10 mins to learn and then a day or two to master.

(Posted on 26/01/2017)

Review Review by Ritchie Morrison
Satisfaction 100%
This is the first magic trick i baught as it was in the beginners section and it looked good in the demo. It took me about a week to master it but now i am performing this trick to everyone i meet in the street and not 1 person has figured out how i do it. Its great and easy to do and it leaves your audiance stunned. Its a must buy in my eys.

(Posted on 08/11/2015)

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