Svengali Deck - Bridge Size

Svengali Deck - Bridge Size

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Astonish your friends with the amazing effects possible using this magic deck of cards and leave them dumbfounded! Just one of the effects possible: A spectator selects any card and its shuffled back into the deck. The magician then finds the card by changing the whole deck into the selected card!

  • Many Effects Possible
  • Beautiful, Full-Color Packaging
  • Fully Illustrated Instructions Include 10 Unbelievable Tricks
  • Bridge Size
  • Box Design may differ from the one shown
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Clever consept, confusing instructions... Review by Mike W.
Customer Rating 80%
A good value item, but as a newcomer to magic, I found the instructions rather baffling.
For instance...." The metamorphose card is on top of the game" ...Should that be ON TOP OF THE PACK ?
The Ace of hearts is mentioned, but the pack is actually Ace of Diamonds.
It says..."By forcing your choice" So what is forcing your choice and how do you do it ?
It is probably basic stuff to the experienced, but not much help to beginners.
More clarity would be great to help with a very clever trick.

(Posted on 03/02/2017)

So simple Review by Tom
Customer Rating 80%
Quality deck, easy to handle. I am a complete novice, but was able to use in seconds.

(Posted on 19/09/2016)

5* Review by Michael A
Customer Rating 100%
Well made deck and easy to handle.

(Posted on 21/06/2016)

Review Review by Christopher Brookes
Customer Rating 100%
Very well made indeed, a beautiful bycicle deck with the Svengali Gimmick, made to very high quality. Of course if you are unfamiliar with the svengali deck, you should know that you can only perform one or two tricks with it, without giving the game away.

(Posted on 19/10/2015)

Review Review by stuart mciver
Customer Rating 100%
Very good pack if you're a beginner and want to 'force' a card onto someone. Hundreds of tricks could be performed using this pack

(Posted on 10/10/2015)

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