Thats Amore - Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Thats Amore - Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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This is an entire book of close up effects specifically created for that "special" couple.

How many times have you approached a table where there is an anniversary, proposal, or some other "lovey-dovey" event?


Now you will be ready to perform close up magic with a romantic touch that is perfect for such an occasion. Here is a collection of special tricks from Reed McClintock, Sean-Dylan Reidweg, Keven Williams, Michael Sibbernson, Tomas Blomberg, Marcelo Contento, Matt Williams, Luke Dancy, Steve Mayhew, Greg Wilson, and of course Nathan Kranzo.

These are the things that will make them remember you for a long time since it all seems so special just for them. Believe me, when the occasion arises and you do one or more of these effects, you can't miss!!!


An Element of Pride and Joy- Reed McClintock

Catch and Kiss - Sean-Dylan Reidweg

Haunted Key 2 - Keven Williams

Two Hearts That Burn As One - Keven Williams

Heartburn - Nathan Kranzo

Heart Shaped Flash - Nathan Kranzo

Heart Wrenching Coincidence - Keven Williams

Ring(a) - Tomas Blomberg

Relic - Nathan Kranzo

Ring of Fire - Nathan Kranzo

She Loves Me Not - Marcelo Contento

Signature Waltz - Keven Williams

Two Coins in Love - Nathan Kranzo

Two in the heart, One in the Locket - Keven Williams

When Coins Collide - Keven Williams

I'm With Him - Luke Dancy

Danke - Nathan Kranzo

Cut Myself On Angel's Hair and Baby's Breath - Steve Mayhew

Diamond-wing - Gregory Wilson


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