The Creative Solutions Playing Cards Deck

The Creative Solutions Playing Cards Deck

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Phil Smith is one creative guy! Very well known and respected within the magic community for his best selling magic books Mitox, Yokai and Mokele; Phil has taken it upon himself to revolutionise the way mentalists use playing cards in their mind reading act. 

A deck of playing cards is a great tool for any magician or mentalist, they are compact, versatile, known all over the World and can provide you with an almost endless amount of amazing magic tricks. These are all very positive traits, however if you are a mind reader a deck of playing cards can often go against you and become a hindrance to what could otherwise be a heart stopping performance.

When I read an audience member’s mind I want them just to be amazed. I don’t want them to think ‘hey cool magic trick!’, but sometimes that’s what a deck of cards communicates to them.” Phil Smith - Creator of The Creative Solutions Deck

This problem became apparent to Phil and so he began to experiment with different ideas. The outcome of these brainstorming sessions resulted in the Creative Solutions Deck coming to light. You can perform all the sleight of hand you would with a normal deck of playing cards with the Creative Solutions Deck, yet enables you as the performer to step away from the usual ‘magic’ associations.

The Creative Solutions Deck is goes undercover as a deck of cards designed for creative problem solving and helping power through mental blocks. Each card has a short general truth typed in a clear black font on the face. In bold text on the front of the card also is a single word with a strong meaning ideal for invoking some sort of response from the spectators; for example some of the words are War, Love, Sex, Violence.

To any spectators the Creative Solutions Deck is a fair and natural product, easy to understand and innocent. However there is quite a bit more going on than meets the eye… Each deck contains two identical sets of 26 cards, with key words on the cards permitting an alphabet stack twice through. (I include details of a pangram stack to further hide this secret order should you choose to use it.) So straight away you can perform a whole load of tricks using this hidden feature… maybe that’s not enough though. 

So I designed in a unique marking system that easily lets you see from the back of any card what is on the front. It works in a dark club, it works from across the room, it works with a quick peek, it is very powerful and unique to this deck. If you don’t know it’s there, the marking system is invisible, if you know it is there and what it is it is very clear and easy to read. 


The Creative Solutions Deck is printed on poker sized Sure Slip stock by Ivory Graphics in the UK. As soon as you open up a deck you will immediately feel accustomed to it. Their look, finish and quality all feel professional. The deck consists of 52 standard cards, 2 double backers and a single blank faced card. The box is heavyweight card stock, process printed and also designed to support the Creative Solutions disguise.

Please Note: The Creative Solutions Deck does not come wrapped in cellophane. 

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