The Floating Card Trick - By Leon Mjolnir - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD

The Floating Card Trick - By Leon Mjolnir - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD

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 The Floating Card Trick

Don’t assume this is the same magic trick you get taught in a basic magic starter kit. This is far more than simply making a playing card fly around, this is professional solid routine built on years of practice and exploring different possibilities.

Leon devoted long time to practice and polish his routines, you see this in his choreography and convincing performance. Even if you know the basic method of the floating card trick you will love watching Leon’s flawless smooth performance and his technique will make this a feature effect in your magic.

'Being a thr**d worker for more than 15 years... you will find here Gold tips that you won't find anywhere else! I'm only 12 min ahead of the video instructions but already saying WOW!' - Lseeyou - The Magic Cafe Review

This extensive video is more than 50 minutes of teaching. He explains which type of th***d he uses in his routine and how to prepare it, of course you can use your own prefered type of th***d or buy the type he uses cheaply.

He teaches his own hookup method which is very suitable for this type of effect. The Hookup doesn't need you to stick magician **x in your body. Also this hookup allows you to get few extra inches of th***d if you ever snap it so it is kind of simple in****** th***d reel built into your body hookup.

He explains his moves to control card levitation , how to flick the card and how to avoid some common problems which you may face.

He teaches 5 routines :

* Floating Card routine:

Here's Leon performing his Floating Card live in a bar. It's raw footage shot on the spectators phone! Be warned there's a little strong language from the freaked out audience!

* Double Floating Card

How to control 2 cards together and float them. He shows you the required moves and how to untangle th***ds if they tangle together because you control two rather than one.


* PK Pen:

How to make a pen stand on your arm or hand and after give it for examination.


* Haunted Deck:

He uses his own hookup and handling to make a deck of playing cards cut itself to a spectator’s card. You can give everything for examination. We saw similar effects where performers put the deck inside card boxes or in their own hands or even on the ground, but in this version you put the deck on the table and make the deck cut itself without any apparent move from performer.

* Cap and Cups

This is an entertaining multi-phase routine where a normal bottle cap jumps from cup to performer’s hand , other phases have multiple jumps from cup to cup and jumps after into the performer’s palm.

'Something here for everyone who wants to know more about floating a card. Hummer's version was one of the very first effects I learned in my early magic days and all I had were some written instructions. This download makes learning so much easier. One thing that I liked is how Leon teaches a multitude of card spins in detail.' - Barry Gitelson (Magic Cafe Review)

What's not to like:

The double floating card needs practice to make it work smoothly and to understand how to untangle th***ds so it will take a little time to master. It is not really negative because it is nature of magic to practice and practice.

What to love:

He shows which type of materials you can use so you can buy it very cheap or use your own th***d.


Teaching is very good and he uses visible th***d also for explanation.

Cap and Cups is amazing and makes spectator wonder how it is done!

Double Floating Card is unique and will give you idea of controlling multiple objetcs.

New take in th***d hookup and floating card.


If you are beginner, you will find good material here and solid tricks. If you are expert in th***d works you will find something to learn because his hookup and handling are very little different. The double floating and cap and cups make this invaluable tuition on how to do the floating card trick.


This product is an instant video download. When you purchase, you will receive a an invite ebook giving you your own private access to the video tuition. You can then stream or download the video.




'If you want to be able to do what is displayed on there then go ahead and buy it. It is well shot and very well taught. Great work Leon you should be proud of what you have created.' - The trick Man (Magic Cafe Review)


'Highly recommended!!! I also got to see this video and just love it. Never did the floating card effect because I always thought it was way over done in magic shops. But he goes over everything from start to finish. Really good info for I.T work. This is crazy cool. I will now start to work on this floating card effect.' - Mr Effecto


'At my current gig I float cards/coins/rings/room-keys about 15 hours a week, as part of my draw, so when I received this I was unsure how I would react.
Many other companies have their take on this effect and I have seen them all.

So this take on the effect:
Video- The video is done well, it is easy to see and he uses string to make the lines visible.
It is shot with mood lighting, and will be easy to follow.
Only real downside is that it does not use visible string for every explanation.

Audio- The audio is solid until the cap and glass effect, then it gets grainy.

Teaching- Leon knows his subject, and he takes it slow and deliberate in his teaching. It is easy to follow.

Effects- I personally liked the double card and Cap and glass effects the most.
Leon spends time covering a lot of tips, and it is the tips that will make this worthy of purchase.
Many, many magicians start their levitation path with the floating card.
It is easy to master, and lends itself to lead into more effects.

Sure, many will say, "It's a string!" as I get it daily; but it will be how you handle it that determines if they are still amazed or not.
This, as taught, can be done by connecting to another item on the fly, or flying through a hoop.

I personally always hand it to them when they say it, never changing the momentum.
When they hand it back, I immediately take it gently and toss it as to get them to wonder how it can be so quickly flown after examination.
This does the trick 95% of the time.

A tip too; if they say "It's string!", they do not actually know for sure. They are trying to get a reaction.
I've had enough magicians and hobbyists stop, and they never feel the need to yell out that they know the trick.
They will look at you with a knowing smile, or explain how they could never get it to work.
Just yelling it out is a sign of needing confirmation.

All in all this is a solid working on the subject.
It has enough tips that you will learn something from it, and the extra effects are done well.

These kind of effects are the ones many magicians will have their own way of doing, developed by playing with it alone over the years.
It is also good for the same magicians to look at how others have done it, in a proven manner.
This way you know what is possible, and different ways of doing things.

If you float cards, you should check it out.' - Loki Kross


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Review Review by Sean K Sutton
Satisfaction 100%
It is phenomenal.

A little background on my experience level: I have done very very very little thread work at all. The most I have ever done is use loops. However, this may change my mind. The single floating card is great, but I personally like the double floating card even more.

The double floating card however, will take a bit of practice, like many things in magic, but I believe it will be well worth it. I also enjoyed the balancing pen effect and the cap and cup effect (I liked the cap effect more though.)

Everything on here is taught in great detail and is easy to understand, even if you have little experience. All in all, this is a great thing to get, whether you have any thread experience or not.

(Posted on 29/12/2015)

Review Review by Lou Cirulli
Satisfaction 100%
I have to say that this is REALLY COOL!!! I've been performing magic for a living for 14 years now and I've always been afraid to work with IT but Leon's teaching is flawless! He goes over everything step by step and the hookup is really easy!! He even teaches you what to do if the thread breaks!! This is a WINNER Leon!! Great job! I highly recommend this!

(Posted on 24/11/2015)

Review Review by Chris John
Satisfaction 80%
I have never worked with thread before, this video not only teaches me the floating card very well, but it also excites me about performing the trick. Thanks Leon.

(Posted on 31/10/2015)

Review Review by Chris John
Satisfaction 80%
I have never worked with thread before, this video not only teaches me the floating card very well, but it also excites me about performing the trick. Thanks Leon.

(Posted on 14/10/2015)

Review Review by Nikki 78
Satisfaction 100%
Floating Card Trick
Mobile set-up section: Leon shares his method of carrying the thread & wax and how to set-up the thread for the effect. You also learn his method of strip the thread very fast & easy -_ nice ideas & well thought out hook up
You will also learn a second hook-up as kind of backup if your first thread breaks. It’s very clever and Leon teaches you how to get into the second hook-up without raising too much suspicion.

After the set-up section you will learn several different spinning, tossing, catching & around the body moves… man, I watched several hummingbird card videos but this one is imo the best & detailed video I’ve seen so far. Leon teaches so many moves & subtleties that everybody should be able to find his/her preferred methods. Later in the video he also teaches how to combine the moves to a full routine… For me a little downside was the teaching of the hoops. He does a good job but personally I would have liked a slow-motion video part of the hoop section to get a better idea of all the necessary moves. 10/10

The next part is the teaching of 4 effects:

- PK pen: nice basic routine without any animation part
- Double floating card: holy ****! Looks really nice like hummingbird card on steroids or ballet with two playing cards Smile but I’m not sure if I will ever give it a try because you have to manage lots of simultaneously and I’m not sure if I’m not too old for that kind of stuff Smile Smile Smile

- Haunted deck: also nice idea – reminds me of Jon LeClair’s haunted deck but with non-elastic thread
- Cap & Glass: haven’t seen something like this before… great idea/routine. Basically you just see a cap jumping out of a glass but Leon repeats & alters the sequence 5 times.

The video ends with an interesting interview part.

Highly recommended!!!


(Posted on 13/10/2015)

Review Review by Simon Cutmore
Satisfaction 100%
This is beautiful, I don't care how it is done, even though I know the theory. This is mastery, proper magic. Sorcery in itself.

(Posted on 25/09/2015)

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