Tiny Fork Bend By Jimmy Strange
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Tiny Fork Bend By Jimmy Strange

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Tiny Fork Bend 

Do business cards seem 'old fashioned' to you? 


Many magicians find that handing out a business card is a little old fashined. Tiny Fork Bend was created to allow you to hand out a 'business card' without appearing to 'tout' for work.. Jimmy Strange often performs magic in urban situations, where pulling out a business card simply doesn't 'fit' his persona..  Tiny Fork is THE way Jimmy hands out his contact information.. 


Don't just hand out a business card.. Do something magicial to make them WANT to keep it!



T.F.B (Tiny Fork Bend) is easy to perform, visual and fits in your wallet. Take out a card, 'bend the image' then sign it and add your @name, www, or telephone number. Job done... They will not only keep it.. they will show it around!


T.F.B comes with 30 quality printed business cards, download tutorial and special bonus ending. 


Take it one step further!


Don't just stop there. Once you have added your contact info to the card, place it on the palm of their hand and ask that they focus on the card.. Slowly, all by itself...  the card will begin to bend and warp. It's a strong moment of magic, and they end with the card IN THEIR HAND!  Best of all:  No threads, magnets, rubber, pulls or cords to worry about. You can do it anywhere and it's so easy for even a total beginner.




Manufacturer Merchant of Magic
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The method was obvious. Review by Ágoston P.
Skill Level 40%
Customer Rating 80%
The method was obvious for me before I ordered it, I just wanted the cards. The only reason I give 4 starts only, because I feel it way overpriced.

(Posted on 08/08/2017)

Very good response Review by John M.
Skill Level 40%
Customer Rating 100%
Very visual, have had very good response from all people I have tried it on.

(Posted on 08/08/2017)

Easy to master Review by Andrew W.
Skill Level 40%
Customer Rating 80%
Very simple and easy to master

(Posted on 08/08/2017)

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