Tiny Plunger by Jon Armstrong (DVD and Gimmick)

Tiny Plunger by Jon Armstrong (DVD and Gimmick)

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Here's a question for you: What happens when 3 of the worlds most respected magic inventors put their heads together to create something totally new?

A Tiny Plunger!

This cute little item is the star of the magic trick! The tiny plunger holds onto to a thoughtof number of playing cards, locates a playing card selection, and a whole range of amazing plunger feats!

Originally dreamed up by master magician Mathieu Bich, with more ideas and expanded routines by Jon Armstrong and Garrett Thomas, Tiny Plunger is that special prop that is both comical, astounding, and hard to forget. Best of all, the magic tricks that are taught to you on the included DVD are suitable for total beginners as well as more experienced professional magicians.

Tiny Plunger gets a laugh, then turns into stunning close up card magic. You just take the plunger, tap it onto the deck and it picks up the cards. You can predict how many cards the plunger will take. It's so easy, but fools everyone!


It's ideal for walk-around and table magicians that want to add something different to their card magic tricks. Includes instructional DVD and 2 plungers. One gimmicked and one normal for your spectators to try. Mathieu Bich teaches you a great magic trick with the plunger, where you pick up the cards with the plunger, but when you instantly hand the tiny plunger to a spectator, it doesn't work for them.

You are taught a wide range of routines to use with your Tiny Plunger. They can also be mixed together to create your own personal magic routines.

You can use Tiny Plunger with any deck of playing cards, even a borrowed deck!







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Outstanding Review by Mike
Customer Rating 100%
This is a beautiful trick. It is a super clean effect. It has loads of brilliant tricks inside.

(Posted on 05/02/2017)

Review Review by Tom Chaplin
Customer Rating 100%
Great trick which gives a good impression to your spectators. Very practical to carry around in your pocket and requires practically no skill at all. Very clever method and very effective!. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy and practical impression making effect!😛

(Posted on 25/12/2015)

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