Ultimate Street Magic Collection - Magic Trick Bundles

Ultimate Street Magic Collection - Magic Trick Bundles

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Our Best Selling Magic Set 


We have hand picked a selection of high quality Street Magic tricks and training material that we know any magician would love! 

Are you ready to perform magic tricks you never thought were possible?

Never have results been so within the grasp of the ordinary person who wanted to learn magic.

The Street Magic Collection was designed to take the beginner from 0-60 fast! You'll perform your first trick within a few minutes.

The dynamic set combines gritty, hard hitting magic effects with superb, expert tuition, allowing you to start amazing people right away!

With this set you will be able to perform close up illusions such as levitating a card and making it pass round your body, divine a spectators selected card by merely looking in their eyes, cause an empty can to refill and reseal itself!

All of the effects in this collection have been performed on TV by famous magicians such as David Blaine and Dynamo. 

Each magic trick has been carefully selected to introduce core techniques into your magic skills, whilst at the same time guarantee maximum impact on your spectators!

PLEASE NOTE: This set is a compilation of singular items sold to you together for a massive saving. This does not come in a presentation box.



What's included?


Hummer Card - On the magicians command a spinning card is made to levitate in thin air, the card can float from hand to hand, through hoops made by your arms and even round your body!  

    Hummer Card


Healed and Sealed 2.0 DVD -  An opened, emptied and crushed can of soda is restored. That's right, the dents pop out, the opening reseals and the liquid reappears inside the can! The can is opened with a pfzzzt and the liquid poured out into a glass! This is the new version taught on DVD with many different tips and ideas to help with the effect. These tips weren't even around when David Blaine performed for TV!!

Healed and Sealed in Action



Wiregram- A card is selected by the spectator and the magician grabs a piece of wire from the ground. A lighter is held to the piece of wire and it starts to move by itself, bending and twisting. Slowly it becomes clear that the wire is twisting itself into the image of the spectators selection!



>Linko - Linko is Street Magic brought right up to date. Performed by Troy on his hit TV series Linko really is a memorable piece of Street Magic. Not only do you link to actual Polos from a pack of Polos but you can also link the Polos on the image of the packet! The Polos on the logo really are linked and can be examined.

Linko is a fun piece of organic magic! - Troy


Pen Thru Banknote - Pen Thru Banknote is a classic. Take a ballpoint pen and push it through a borrowed banknote. It is clearly through the banknote yet you are able to rip it out right before your spectator's eyes and leave no hole! Both the pen and the banknote can immediately be examined, there is nothing to find!


Invisible Deck -The Invisible Deck is one of the best card tricks anyone can perform! And the best part is that this secret deck will do most of the work for you! ANY card is named by ANYONE, the deck is pulled out of its case and spread, there is ONE face down card in the whole deck and it is the card the spectator freely named. No forces and can be repeated straight away with a different card! you also get a matching deck of cards that can be examined and used for other tricks.




Manufacturer No
Featured Product Yes
Bought as a gift Review by Zoe
Difficulty Level (1 Easy - 5 Hard) 60%
Satisfaction 80%
I bought this as a gift for my brother in law so can’t comment on the actual magic, as he hasn’t used it yet. I was however a bit disappointed it didn’t come in a box. I had assumed the picture was a picture of a box it might be presented in, instead they just arrived in an envelope. I need to find some sort of gift box.

(Posted on 17/12/2018)

Good bundle for new illusionists Review by Jay
Satisfaction 100%
Fairly new to street magic style, so this collection is a good step forward in developing those presentations and illusions. Fun is most important.

(Posted on 18/08/2016)

Review Review by CG Booth
Satisfaction 80%
Invisible deck - obviously amazing!
OCL - 5 minute prep and an insane trick!
Pen thru bill - easy and gets great reactions
Hummer card - alright but not brilliant
Wiregram - good effect
Healed and Sealed - very average.
So overall a strange mix of tricks. Mostly excellent, falls flat in other areas though. Decent value for money although I'm not sure what OCL is doing here! Would have put Link-O in instead (seems more street magic style than OCL)

(Posted on 24/12/2015)

Review Review by Reece Riches
Satisfaction 40%
was ok, could of been better as some of the tricks needed gimmicks and pre-planned items but what can u expect to achieve when ur beginning out right. learnt a lot of card tricks and blown peoples minds. scared some people though haha. must admit customer service was outstanding thanks guys,
from Ace

(Posted on 25/09/2015)

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